How To Learn to Play a Bass Guitar

Some of us dream to become a lead guitar legend like Santana, while others want to be Steve Tyler or Bono, the front men of rock bands. Some, on the other hand, dream to become great bass guitar players. A talented bass player is equally important to any good band, just as much as a good lead guitarist or singer. The usually low-key bass player provides the low-end notes that give the music’s rhythmic pulse, the glue that holds the music together. Because of this, good bass players are very much in demand. Here we give pointers for those who want to learn to play bass guitar.

1.    Decide how you want to learn.

The first thing you have to decide is whether you will enroll at a local guitar instructional program or teach yourself how to play bass guitar. Each one of these options has its own pros and cons. In a local bass guitar study program, an instructor can expertly assess your guitar playing skills and advise you which course to take, what areas to improve on, and give real-time feedback on how you are progressing with your bass guitar playing. But if you are working a regular full-time job or attending school as a full-time student, you might find such an option very demanding of your time since your classes will be scheduled.  And time, unfortunately, is not a readily available commodity.

If you are already familiar with the guitar, you might want to consider purchasing how-to or instructional DVDs or online programs. The beauty of these products is that they allow you to learn to play bass guitar at your own pace, at your own time, and at your convenience. There is no need to attend scheduled classes. The only downside is that there is no one else to gauge how far your bass guitar playing has gone but yourself.

2.    Stock up on equipment.

A good bass guitar player has a good guitar(s) and amplifier or what guitarists call “guitar gear.” Invest in a quality bass guitar, whether its electric bass or acoustic bass that you want.  Epiphone bass guitars and Gibson bass guitars are some of the most popular branded bass guitars on the market. You can purchase them at any guitar center along with guitar amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and equalizers. If you don’t know of any guitar center in your area, try ordering your guitar gear online at Guitar Center.

3.    Commit to learning and practicing regularly. 

Once you’re armed and ready to become the best bass guitar player that you can be, you need to make a personal commitment to learn and practice regularly. Learning bass guitar takes hard work, but being good at it takes more than just that. Sure, you can learn the basics by listening to your guitar instructor or following the instructional DVD. But without practicing, you are wasting the opportunity you have opened for yourself. Start by committing to practice at least three times a week at 30 minutes each day.

These pointers aim to get you started to learn to play bass guitar. More information on playing bass guitar can be found online.


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