How To Level Up and Get Gold Fast in WOW

Two of the main goals in World of Warcraft is to Level up, and to make more money. Both require patience, but there are ways to accomplish both of these goals quicker.

There are two ways to level up your World of Warcraft character: Grinding or Questing. Grinding consists of going outside of any towns or cities and just killing enemies. Grinding is the easiest way to level but takes a longer amount of time. There are many quests in World of Warcraft, often one leads to another. Questing usually pays off better in the end, but the best way to level up quickly is by combining grinding with Questing. When you are on a quest, if you encounter enemies on the way, instead of running, fight them all. This will bring in the most amount of experience points, thereby leveling up your character faster.

Another way to level your character up quicker is by resting in a town or city. By just being in a town or city for a period of time you can increase the amount of experience you will get from your next quest or enemy defeated. As long as your experience bar is blue, you will be earning double the amount of experience that you normally would. The experience bar gets blue by resting.

The higher the level you are, the more gold you are going to make. One of the main sources of income in the World of Warcraft universe comes from professions. There are many primary and secondary professions that a player can take on. The ones that tend to end up paying the most are skinning and mining. Having a profession will definitely help you to get more gold quicker.

Auctioning can also yield a lot of gold. Any valuable items you loot, win from quests, or create that you have no use for you should auction. Before you auction it off, see what others are selling the same item for and make sure yours is a good deal, someone isn't going to pay 100 gold for an item when it is being offered for 50 gold by another person.

For level 70 players, there are many daily quests that pay several gold coins per quest. Daily quests are generally easy to complete so they are a quick and easy way to earn a lot of gold.

If you focus on killing humanoids you can earn some gold. Humanoids often drop cloth, and cloth sells very well at the auction house because it is the number one material that crafters need, and they are willing to pay a good amount for cloth.

Also make sure you have many bags, so you can save items and sell them later.


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