How To Listen to Music with Your PSP

The PlayStation Portable, commonly referred to as PSP, is a gaming console that is designed to be handheld. This gaming console is made and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, a subsidiary business of the Sony Corporation, a Japanese company that has become one of the world’s well-known multinational corporation when electronics is concerned.
The PSP was presented in the Japanese market back in 2004. The console was designed to be the mini version of PlayStation, as such, its game control operations take after the PlayStation. Because of its small and compact size, it has then become one of the favorite handheld gaming consoles used by gamers. One of the popular product specification of the PSP that is loved by many is the amazing 3D graphic rendering that is viewed on its 10.9-cm widescreen LCD.

PSP was also designed to play videos and store digital pictures. These files can be transferred and viewed on your PSP using the removable flash memory card developed by Sony called Memory Stick Duo. These files can also be stored, together with video games, on a Universal Media Disk, also developed by Sony. These optical disks are 6.1 cm in diameter and the data it can store is up to 1.8 GB using the dual layer disk and 900 MB if you are using the single layer disk.

Playing games and using the PSP as a portable image viewer or portable video player is not the only thing you can do with your Sony PSP. With Sony PSP, you can listen to music and the following are the steps on how to listen to music using your PSP.

  1. Procure a Memory Stick. The PSP comes with a 64 MB memory stick duo but you should consider getting a bigger memory because one song could easily eat up 5 MB of your memory.
  2. Download the music that you want to transfer to your PSP. There are several ways of looking for the music you want to get. You can either purchase music online, rip the songs from your Audio CD, or download the music by using a file sharing software. Once you have obtained the music you want, save it in a folder where you can easily access and locate it.
  3. Slot in your newly purchased Memory Stick on your PSP and connect your PSP to your computer using the USB cable that came with your gaming console. Your computer will recognize the PSP as a removable storage device. Create a new folder where you want to store the audio files. Locate the folder where you saved your downloaded music and highlight every file and copy them by pressing “CTRL C” on your keyboard. Go back to the new folder you created on your Memory Stick and paste the audio files by pressing “CTRL V” on your keyboard. Once everything has been transferred, disconnect the PSP from your computer and proceed to do the next step.
  4. On your PSP, view your removable media device. The audio files you transferred from your computer are now seen on your PSP. Press the “X” button on your PSP to play the music file.

PSP was initially designed to become a portable gaming console but the console also come with great features such as playing music. Instead of buying a separate mp3 player, PSP have these amazing features that sure have maximized the most of your money.


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