How To Locate a Music Teacher

Studying under the guidance of an excellent music teacher spells the difference between a botched musical dream and a fulfilled one. For one, having a music teacher who helps you hone your talent and not bash you cruelly when making mistakes makes you want to improve more. Secondly, a great music teacher will help you appreciate the beauty of music and encourage you to love the art. This is especially true if you are one of those unlucky enough to be forced by your parents to acquire piano instruction just because they failed to pursue it before. Locating a music teacher sure is easy, but finding one that will give you both the direction and the inspiration is a different story altogether. Here are some things you can do to help you locate that best candidate for a music teacher.

1. Ask your parents to accompany you to concerts or shows.

This may sound weird, but a lot of the best candidates for music teachers can be found in the places they are most comfortable in, on stage while playing. If you are particularly motivated to play the piano, then why not attend piano concerts? Are you into playing the guitar and have been looking to find that blues guitar instructor? Maybe going to blues bars that feature local talented blues artists might just help you with your search. Of course, these bars are strict when it comes to letting in minors. You might want to ask your parents or some adult to accompany you during your search. If you have been dying to take a vocal lesson under a credible music teacher, then why not check out musical productions uptown? This type of searching will entail you shelve out some serious cash, but heck, you never lose from watching a good show, even if you've failed to find that ideal music teacher for you.

2. Sit in on a music class of a specific music teacher.

This is if you have clearly identified a specific music teacher. You may also need to enlist a friend's help to do this. If not, then you can ask permission from the school administration or the music teacher himself if it is possible to sit in on his class. This way, you get to observe how the music teacher conducts his class in a classroom set up. If you are satisfied with his competence, then by all means ask him if he can be your music teacher.

Bear in mind that you should not be pressured to look for and study music through a music teacher that you do not feel like working with. It is always wise to proceed with prudence when trying to locate a music teacher. Remember that music is an art form, and inspiration must be part of the instruction.


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