How To Look for Game Server Reviews

It used to be that kids and teens would be satisfied with playing games on their family computer or Atari, with one-player or two-player. Nowadays, it seems almost a requirement that games should be more than high-definition visual quality and effects, it should be played by many different players at the same time – and that’s where game servers come in.

Many online games, such as Counter Strike, Half Life and Battlefield, are played by many different gamers at once, to raise the gaming experience to whole new levels. These online games would need to be hosted by a single server, so that as many as sixty-four different players could participate in the same gaming map. Some players opt to host games on their own personal computers, this is good only for a very small number of players as hosting high-quality games with many players would require top speed internet connections and dedicated software. That’s why an alternative is to look for professional servers that are dedicated in hosting specific online games. That’s where game servers come in.

If you’re interested in searching for game servers, there are actually a lot that you could find via the Internet. The different game servers would offer different maximum number of players (usually from 12 to 32, or even to 64), performance packages (pertains to the quality of the game hosting) and the price (sometimes offered per slot, as low as $1; and sometimes on a monthly basis, such as about $17). That’s why a smart move to make would be to check out different game servers reviews to help you make the best choice, and to find the best value for your time and money. However, you also need to be careful that the website you are using is in fact an informational website created by other typical gamers, and not a promotional website for certain game servers. That being said, here are some of the places to search for game server reviews that will best help you out:

  1. This is a very simple website to view as you could easily see the comments and recommendations posted by gamers about various game servers. Apart from their comments, they rate the servers depending on the following qualities: quality, support, features, and pricing. You could also easily add your own reviews about game servers that you’ve tried out.
  2. If you specifically concentrate on Counter Strike and would like to find counter strike servers reviews, make sure to check out this website. You would see some recommendations on servers such as, and velocity servers. Apart from the reviews, you’d likely also find the strategies, stats, tips and demos about Counter Strike useful.
  3. This website lists down various game servers, providing ratings (the perfect score being 10) and links to user’s comments about these servers. The reviews are in forum form, wherein other users (including you, once you sign up and log in to the website) could post their own comments and replies.

Once you conduct your search for reviews, you might find that some of the top-rated servers include (acting as COD server, Alien vs Predator server, among others), (acting as America’s Army server, Battlefield server and Half Life server, among tons others) and Some game servers are also teamspeak servers and ventrilo servers, for better communication amongst different players.

So if you’re set on truly immersing yourself in the gaming experience, go ahead and do your homework to compare different servers and get ready for a game you’d probably never forget! Good luck!


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