How To Make 3D Animals with Crystal Beads

Creating little animals with crystal beads is an activity that requires a meticulous, patient nature. These animals are cute and nice to look at and they can be used as decorations for almost anything. Houseplants, windowsills, desks, office tables, coffee tables, shelves and little nooks and crannies that otherwise look plain and boring. They also make great party favors, prizes and stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Bead craft is a great suggestion for an activity for birthday parties as it will teach the kids how to be patient and detailed while making their little crystal bead animals.

To create these little works of art, you’ll need a few things:

  • A number of beads
  • faceted beads, round in shape and medium sized
  • 3-point beads, cog
  • large faceted beads, round in shape
  • bicone beads, small
  • pinwheel beads, 6 point ones
  • flat-nose jeweler’s pliers
  • 18-inch florist wires
  • wire cutters

Make the head.

  • Take the florist wire and roll it over the jeweler’s wires until a loop is formed. This loop should be quite big enough so that the beads will fit through. Pinch the particular loop shut as this will form the nose.
  • Take three medium faceted beads, a cog bead and a large faceted bead and, in that exact order, thread them into the wire. You’ll be making the eyes so make sure you use different colored beads for the cog bead.
  • Press the beads firmly onto the loop and manipulate the wire to form and angle of 90-degrees.  This will form the head.
  • Thread 6 medium faceted beads to the wire to form the neck. Press the beads firmly and then angle the wire again at 90-degrees.
  • To form the body of the animal, thread 1 large bead and ten pinwheel beads on the wire. Press the beads firmly then angle the wire at about 90-degrees again.
  • To make the tail, thread 2 large beads, five medium sized ones, a medium faceted bead, and a pinwheel bead to the wire. At the end of the tail section, make another loop. Snip off whatever extra wire is left over.

Make the legs.

  • Take another florist wire and create another loop. Take it and pinch it shut with a pair of pliers. Angle the wire at 90-degrees to form the animal’s first foot.
  • Take a cog bead and 4 medium faceted ones and thread them on the wire.
  • Put the wire directly under the joint you made in step 4. Make sure each bead is tightly packed against the bottom loop then angle the wire in a loop through and around the joint made in Step 4. This will make an arc of wire above the body and give you a one-sided beaded leg with the other one bare and unbeaded.  
  • Repeat Step 8 to create the other leg. Then repeat Step 7 to create a loop that creates the other foot of the animal.
  • Repeat Steps 7-10 to create the hind legs of your animal.

These are the basic steps you can make to form your bead animal. Notice that it’s pretty bare-boned, get creative by creating horns, wings and other body parts using the rest of the beads.

This is great activity you can share as a family at home or in parties!


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