How To Make 3D Glasses

Boy with 3D glasses
3D glasses can be used to view 3D images, pictures, photos or even movies. Instead of buying a pair of 3D glasses, you can easily make a pair by yourself at home, engaging your kids and whole family in a fun and interesting craft project. Follow the easy instructions listed below to get started!

Step 1

 Materials needed.

Method I:

  • A sheet of sturdy poster board, Oaktag is a good option
  • A pair of scissors and clear tape
  • Pattern for glass frames
  • Red and blue acetate sheets (available at art supply stores)

Method II:

  • Old pair of reading glasses or sunglasses
  • A piece of clear plastic glass
  • Pencil and red and blue markers

Step 2

Cutting the glass pattern. If you're following the first method, browse through the Internet for 3D glass patterns and download them. Copy the pattern you've chosen on to the poster board and cut out the frames. Cut out holes in the poster board frame to fit your eyes, sized like normal lenses would.

Step 3

Taping the acetate sheets. Next, using glue or clear tape, stick the red and blue acetate sheets to cover the eyeholes created in step one. The red paper should be taped to the left eyehole and the blue to the right eyehole. Cut the acetate paper slightly larger than the actual lens size and make sure to tape it in such a way that there is no obstruction or fold in front of the viewing side.

Step 4

Preparing the old pair of glasses. If you're using the second method to make your 3D pair, first remove the existing lenses from the old pair.

Step 5

Tracing the lens pattern. Place the lenses just removed from the glasses on the sheet of clear plastic and trace the pattern of the old lenses. Cut out the plastic sheet lens pieces and fix them in the glass frame. Color the lenses with marker - red for the left and blue for the right or use acetate paper taped securely and evenly over the plastic lenses.

Your 3D glasses are now ready to wear and you can make these glasses for everyone in your family and enjoy the 3D experience. Get creative in cutting out and decorating the frame patterns and have fun!


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