How To Make a Baby Bonnet

A baby bonnet is an adorable accessory that is easy to make for a baby. It is used to protect the baby’s head from either the sun or the cold weather depending on the material used to make the bonnet. Traditionally, a more formal bonnet made of lace or dainty material is worn by a baby during christening. But bonnets can also be used during daily walks to the park or while sunning herself in the backyard.

One of the easiest ways to make a baby bonnet is to use a large handkerchief. It is a popular baby shower item and can become a true heirloom especially when fine, lacy material is used.

To make a baby bonnet out of a handkerchief, here is what you need to do:

  1. Purchase a lace or embroidered handkerchief in white for a formal bonnet. Or choose a fun color or design for an everyday accessory.
  2. Buy some satin ribbon to match the handkerchief.
  3. Have embroidery thread, needle, scissors, and an iron on hand.
  4. Iron the handkerchief making sure that it is free from creases.
  5. Take one side of the handkerchief and fold the edge roughly one inch. You can go as far as folding the edge two inches depending on the size of the material. This will serve as the back part of the baby bonnet.
  6. Iron this folded edge.
  7. Take the opposite side of the handkerchief and fold it three inches depending on the size of the handkerchief.
  8. Iron this newly folded edge.
  9. Unfold the whole handkerchief.
  10. Taking the first fold, sew running stitches along this fold. Leave the stitch open. Do not knot.
  11. Pull on the thread that you used to create the running stitch. This is done to gather the handkerchief to create the bonnet.
  12. Once you reach the size that will fit the baby’s head, knot the thread tightly.
  13. Sew a ribbon at the back of the bonnet as a decorative touch.
  14. Turn to the opposite side. This is the front of the bonnet. Follow the line where you ironed the fold and re-fold the handkerchief on that side.
  15. Hold one corner and fold a small edge towards the handkerchief. A triangle should be formed inside the bonnet.
  16. Sew a ribbon to that corner.
  17. Hold the other corner and make a triangle just like what you did with the first corner.
  18. Sew a ribbon to this corner. The ribbons will secure the bonnet unto the baby’s head when tied together.
  19. Add decorative embellishments or embroider the baby’s name for a more personal touch.

You can use any handkerchief design for this project. Just make sure the material is big enough for the baby’s head. You can also make a baby bonnet out of washcloth. When making a baby bonnet, use a light material for both the bonnet and the embellishments.

Making a baby bonnet does not require a lot of sewing. Knowing how to do a decent running stitch will do. Others who are adept at knitting knit baby bonnets for the cold weather. Whatever your skill level is, baby bonnets are a good gift to give during baby showers.


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