How To Make a Backpack

Are you tired of carrying your books by hand? Or has your old backpack finally given out? If you need a backpack quickly you can make your own. Follow these steps to make a backpack.


  • Two pair of old jeans
  • Cover fabric (optional)
  • Straps
  • Zippers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine and thread


  1. Decide on your backpack size and design. There are hundreds of options for backpack design so you should take a look around and decide what will work for you and your size. You may want a single strap, messenger bag or even drawstring style so make your decision then head out to purchase your supplies.
  2. Use a pattern to cut out the pieces of your bag. There are several patterns online that include options for extra pockets, side zippers or drawstring top. Attach the pattern to your denim fabric and cut out the pieces. You are using denim as the lining fabric because it is durable and will wear well. You can choose to leave the denim as the exterior look or cover it with a different fabric. If you choose to use a cover fabric, use the pattern to cut out the cover fabric. Cut slightly wider than the pattern to have room for seams.
  3. Assemble the bag. Sew the seams together to assemble the bag and cover.
  4. Add zippers and straps. Follow the pattern you chose then add any zippers, pockets and straps. Try to fit the straps during the assembly so that you can adjust them for comfort before you secure them to the bag.
  5. Load up the bag and head out. Once the bag is complete you can add any extra decorative elements or go ahead and fill your bag with books and personal items. Then head out to school or out with your friends.

Consider adding your own personal touch by using old clothes for the backpack fabric or patches. Follow these instructions then add your own creative touches and you’ll create a backpack to cause a stir when you wander the hallways at school.


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