How To Make a Balloon Arch

Whenever there is a feast or special occasion for the dearest people in your life, try making balloon arches to add up exceptional beauty to their celebration. Here’s how.

  • Plan ahead. There are things to consider before constructing a balloon arch. On what celebration are you going to decorate the balloon arch? Balloons can set up any mood according to its color, size, and shape. Before going to a party shop, determine first the design of the balloon that goes well with the celebration.
    • Colors. What colors match the celebration? Do you want to be elegant for a bridal occasion or be colorful for your son’s 1st birthday party?
    • Sizes. Now this can be a little tricky. If you want to inflate the balloons yourself, you must consider the equal proportions of the balloon with all the other balloons. Big balloons go for children’s party and feast, while small ones fit wedding occasions and other formal celebrations.
    • Shapes. There are various ways to craft balloons. You can shape them into animals or hearts, or other significant symbols depending  upon the occasion, to add more feeling.
    • Number of balloons. How many arches do you plan to make and how many balloons fit them? Aside from the arch, will you also be decorating balloons on posts? Add them to the total number of the balloons you will have to purchase to lessen your workload of reordering at the last minute when found insufficient.
  • Determine the size of the balloon arch. Find the best spot where you want to set up the arch, and then estimate the distance and the height of the arch. Below are calculations to consider when measuring out arches.
    • For height and distance that are of the same measurement.
    • (Height x 0.5) + Distance = Length
    • For height that is much wider than the distance.
    • (Distance x 2) + Height = Length
    • For distance that is much wider than the height.
    • Distance + Height = Length
  • Set up the balloon arch. You may use different materials for this purpose such as rattan, PVC pipe, and aluminum rod for its curvature. For more stability, you need to attach the arch to a wall or ceiling using wire, or you may also set up a strong base if there are freestanding walls to attach to. Secure the ends of the wires so it will not prick the balloons.
  • Inflate the balloons. There are two things to consider when it comes to pumping up balloons. Do you want it air-filled or helium balloons? If the party will last for 10-12 hours, helium balloons are appropriate; if, however, you want the balloons to stay inflated for a longer period, air-filled ones are recommended.
    • Helium balloon arches. The arch for helium-based balloons should only be lightweight. To make your work easier, you may want to inflate balloons in a helium tank. Secure balloons with a strip that will naturally form a beautiful arch after being set up. This type of arch goes well with party sites that are less windy.
    • Air-filled balloons. This type ensures a more secure and reliable arch, but needs strong based arches. They are less expensive which makes them more in demand in all occasions.
  • Attach the balloon clusters. This time, you are about to finish the arch. It is the most enjoyable part!
    • Start at one end. Attach the clusters in the arch beginning at the end of the frame. Tie them onto the frame using strings or a wire.
    • Add more style and creativity. To make your balloon arch more appealing, some techniques may work, such as twisting cluster balloons on each side to add more volume. You may also use different colors for your arch. Enhance the arch using beads, ribbons, and mini-lights.
  • Finally, situate the arch into its rightful place.

There goes a balloon arch that will sure capture the hearts of your guests and your loved ones. For such personal occasions, the key is to add your personal touch of design and style. Have fun!


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