How To Make a Barn Craft

Making a barn craft can be simple, easy, and keep your child occupied for weeks. With a few household objects, parental supervision, and a little imagination, your child can create a beautiful barn craft of their own.

You will need a cardboard box (any size you would like), a sheet of cardboard, a pencil, paintbrushes, scissors, black, red, and white paints, markers, and Popsicle sticks.

Take the box and draw the shape of the barn on the sides (pointed on the smallest sides and straight on the longest sides). Carefully cut along the lines. This should leave you with your basic barn shape. Draw windows and doors on the box and cut them out. To make the doors open and shut, cut the top and bottom lines and cut straight down the center of the opening.

Paint the box red. Let it dry fully and paint a white X on the doors using a smaller paintbrush. If you would like, you can paint the outer edges of the windows black or white.

Take a medium sized sheet of cardboard and cut it so that it is 1 inch longer than the barn in length and 1 1/2 inches longer in width. Fold exactly down the middle long ways to form the "roof" shape. Paint the roof either white or a light gray color. Let it dry.

Take some Popsicle sticks (as many as needed) and use your creative mind to create farm animals. You can make a horse, cow, duck, pig, goat, chicken and so on. You even might want to make a farmer to take care of the animals when you can't play. You can paint the sticks to look like these animals or you can use markers. Use googly eyes or yarn to make your animals have a more "realistic" look. Bring your farmer to life and buy him a hat. Small straw hats can usually be found in most craft stores for less than a dollar.

Now your child has a completely realistic barn with fully functional doors and windows. The roof can be removed for storage of the animals and farmer but if you prefer, it can be glued down. The barn is lightweight and portable so your child can have fun wherever they may go. Your child will have gained a sense of pride for this barn craft because he or she will know that they made it all on their own!


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