How To Make a Basketball Pillow

Pillows are wonderful home decorations, sleeping aides, and lovely personal gifts.  These items can easily be personalized and designed to fit a person’s hobby or interest.  If you have a friend or group of buddies that are avid basketball fans, giving them a basketball pillow with a customized logo of their favorite teams or player is a fantastic gift for a birthday, an intimate occasion, or the Christmas holiday.  Making the gift itself can provide the added personal touch as well.

  1. Choose and cut the fabric.  Choose from a wide assortment of fabrics and colors suited for a pillow at your local garments store.  Once you have chosen the fabric, planning the size of the pillow is next.  You can make the pillow in any size.  Once you have chosen the dimensions, cut the fabric and make 2 circles based on the diameter you planned out.
  2. Draw the basketball lines.  Prepare a flat surface with a card board on top.  Lay the pieces of the fabric onto the surface.  Eventually, you will be painting the basketball lines onto the fabric.  To prepare for this, you must draw the lines of the basketball with a chalk.  Use a picture or model of the ball to do this correctly.
  3. Paint the fabric.  Before painting in the basketball lines, paint in the logo or picture of the team or player.  You can also add other graphics onto the basketball dependent on what you think your friend will like.  You can paint any desired graphic manually or by ironing it on.  Once you have finished with the logo, you can paint the basketball lines.  Normally, basketball lines are black but you can select a color that will blend with the fabric’s color.  When all the painting has been completed, let it sit and dry for about an hour.
  4. Stitch into a ball.  As soon as all the paints applied have completely dried, you can now start sewing.  Place each piece together.  Make sure all the lines are properly lined up.  Start sewing each piece together.  Remember to leave an opening of at least an inch for the stuffing.  If you are planning to embroider a name on it, you can do it before sewing each piece together.
  5. Stuff it.  Once you finish sewing the piece together, turn the ball right side out and start stuffing it.  For stuffing, use fiberfill.  Make sure not to stuff the ball too tight. 
  6. The final stitching.  Stitch up the opening as soon as you completed the stuffing.  Sew it by hand using a needle and thread. 

Once every step has been completed, you now have an optimized basketball pillow that you can give to your friend.  It is a great adornment for any couch or bed.


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