How To Make a Beaded Zipper Pull

Zipper pulls were not only created to aid in pulling zippers. They were also made out of creativity and fun. They can be attached to your jacket, backpacks, purses and other gears that need a little of the zing zipper pulls give. These nifty items are also great for giveaways, as personalized presents. They remind you of how little things still matter. Making a zipper pull is under the parent category “basic wire jewelry techniques.” It is basically the same as beading necklaces. Check out our instructions below to see how you can work your fingers with the wire and come up with your very own zipper pull.

  • Gather your tools and materials. Take note of the things you need in accomplishing the task and prepare them beforehand. What you will need in making a zipper pull are a head pin, three beads, one hook and wire tools such as a needle file and round nose pliers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters and a rounding tool.
  • Design the head pin. Place beads on the head pin according to your preference. For example, you can put sky blue seed beads on top of one another on the head pin.
  • Bend the head pin. After placing the final bead on the head pin, get round nose pliers and twist the end of the head pin on a 90-degree angle.
  • Create a loop. Use the round nose pliers with the end of the head pin, the one you just twisted. Create a loop at the end of the beads with the head pin wire.
  • Secure the loop. Make sure the loop will not loosen up. Use the round nose pliers to secure the loop. Wrap the head pin wire three times. Use the pliers to make sure the wire is flush. Polish it with a needle file, if necessary.
  • Insert a hook. You can put the hook through the loop of the wire. Make sure the hook slips right into the wire wrapped end to secure the position of the zipper pull to the items it will attach on.
  • The last step. This is now the last step. Have your zipper pull test-driven. Try the hook with the zippers of your backpack, jacket or purse. Make sure it is secure and the head pin is twisted tightly on its end. You have just finished making your first wire jewelry.

This wire jewelry technique is easy-to-apply and needs no expensive cost to make. Creating zipper pulls by yourself is definitely going to cost you less time, money and energy. It also looks viable as a business project. You can start small with zipper pulls and play around a few designs. From these, you can start working on using less simple materials than head pins and beads, and yet work on the same principles of having a pendant and wire attached to the zipper of your outfits and equipment.
Remember these practical steps in making a beaded zipper pull and you will be on your way to discovering greater things from small beginnings.


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