How To Make a Belt Buckle Display Case

Belt designs

Belts are created in various designs, shapes, and colors. You use them as a form of accessory, to express yourself through their style, and to fit your clothing properly. They are functional and chic essentials that many fashionable individuals cannot live without. Belts come with buckles that are also designed in every conceivable manner. These belt buckles are the pride and joy of people who make buckles their prized possessions. Some people collect antique buckles, cowboy buckles, trophy buckles, funny buckles and other types of buckles imaginable. If you belong to this group of people who takes pride in collecting a full range of buckle designs, you definitely need a display case to safely and attractively flaunt your collection.

While you can always purchase your belt buckle display from the market or wood craft stores, you can also apply your own creativity and woodworking skills with a help of a few materials you can purchase or find around your house.  The following are easy steps to help you start building your own belt buckle display case.

  1. Determine the design of display case you intend to make. Create a draft or sketch to stand as your guide in building your case.
  2. To help you determine the appropriate size and ensure every piece in your collection will fit inside your display case, count the number of belt buckles that you own and measure the largest that you have in your collection.
  3. Determine the type of wood you wish to use. You can use plain plywood, mahogany, oak, or any other type of hardwood.
  4. Measure and cut the dimensions of the frame and background using a saw. A display case measuring 21.5 inches in height, 14 inches in width and 2.2 inches in diameter with four layers of wood in the interior of the frame can accommodate 15 pieces of belt buckles depending on the size of your collection.  You can always adjust the measurement according to the size of your preference.
  5. Cut a felt paper the size of your plywood background and glue it to the plywood for a more elegant background. Choose the color that best complements the color of your wood.
  6. Build the frame and attach it to the background using nails. The four layers can either be nailed to the sides of the frame or inserted if the sides of your frame are carved to fit the layers.
  7. To protect your collection from dust and damage, install hinges and latch where you will attach a glass door cut to the appropriate size of the frame. 
  8. If you need to paint the frame, do so prior to installing the glass door.
  9. Create wall brackets to mount the display case on the wall.
  10. Place your priced belt buckle collection inside the display case.

Your display case does not need to be expensive, but as you show off your cherished collection of belt buckles you can likewise exhibit your skills and ingenuity by creating an elegant belt buckle display case.  


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