How To Make a Birthday Card

Birthday cards are inexpensive and thoughtful ways to bring cheer.  Handmade cards are more intimate and personal that the recipient will truly appreciate.  Even children make their own cards to give to their loved ones.  It is actually an easy project.  All you need to have is some paper, coloring materials, glue, and some creativity.  Once you finish this personalized birthday card and give it to the person, you will experience true happiness by making another person happy on his birthday. 

  1. Purchase heavy paper or board from your local office supplies store.  You can also recycle old manila folders and cut them to the appropriate size.  The most popular paper for cards is Vellum.  In any case, fold the paper in half.  On the front cover, based on the overall theme of your card, you can glue a picture or write a meaningful thought.  It really depends on what you want to convey to the person.
  2. If you think the paper is too big and want to reduce the size of your card, you may opt to cut the paper.  You can use scrapbook or fancy scissors to cut along the edges of the card to add a little flare to your card.
  3. On the inside, you can paste another photo and write a meaningful message.  You can use markers or a good calligraphy pen for this.  Quoting a passage from the bible or jotting down a personal joke is highly advised depending on how you know the person you are giving the card to.
  4. Based on your overall theme, start decorating your card.  You can use glitters, crayons, confetti, or any other decoration you have in mind.  Should you decide to glue a photo or drawing onto the card, make sure to allow it to properly dry.

Remember to make the birthday card special to the recipient.  Try not to be generic.  Having a theme in your card to reflect something personal that you share with the celebrant is a surefire way to ensure his happiness.  In addition, you can insert a small token or gift into the card as well.

Birthday cards are special and thoughtful gifts.  It does not have a value especially if it is personal and handmade.  A celebrant receiving a handmade card from you with a theme and message that you share intimately will know how special he is to you.  Start making your own birthday cards and watch your loved ones light up when they receive it. 


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