How To Make a Birthday Party Goodie Bag

We all know the importance of a birthday party to our young ones. It gives them a pleasurable experience with their friends from school, soccer or even advanced academy and gives parents the chance to mingle with the parents of their kids’ circle of friends.

Planning for a party is never an easy task. You have to think about the cake, decorations, food, drinks, activities, clowns, sounds and the all-important goodie bag. Goodie bags are considered a must in children’s parties because they send out the message that you appreciate their efforts for coming to your kid’s party, and that you enjoyed their presence. For the moms and dads out there who would like to know a cool way of creating your own birthday party goodie bag, read up!

1.    Purchase the following materials from your local supermarket, stationery, and toy stores:

  • A Box of Ice Cream Cones (1 box per Dozen)
  • Chocolate Slab (1kg per 10 people)
  • 1 Pack of Bazooka Gum (1 pack per 15 guests)
  • 1 Pack of Starburst Candy (1 pack per 15 guests)
  • 1 Pack of Tootsie Rolls (1 pack per 15 guests)
  • 1 Pack of Chocolate Kisses (1 pack per 15 guests)
  • 1 Pack of Mini Candy Bars (1 pack per 15 guests)
  • 1 Pack of Candy Sprinkles (1kg per 50 guests)
  • 1 Box of Round Cookies (size just about right to fit the cone opening)
  • Paper Stationery Designs
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Wraps
  • Ribbon
  • Name Tags
  • Marking Pen
  • Rolls of Tape
  • Glue

2.    Heat the slab of chocolate in your kitchen oven. Set the oven at 150 degrees Celsius. This temperature can melt a 1kg slab of chocolate in just 20 minutes.

3.    Take the ice cream cones out from the boxes and cover the outside frame with the melted chocolate. Let them sit on a table in room temperature so that the chocolate will harden and stick to the ice cream cone frame.

4.    Once the chocolate has dried up, take the cones and fill them up with different kinds of candies, allocating carefully a good mix of your candy choices.

5.    Once the choco-covered cones have been filled up with different candies, cover the cone opening with your chosen round cookie. It is aesthetically better to choose a type of cookie that has colored chocolate buttons on top of them.

6.    Cover the cone package with plastic wrap.

7.    Cutout the necessary paper stationery designs to cover the plastic-wrapped cone package.

8.    Tie the opening tip with your chosen ribbon.

9.    Tape or glue name tags on the paper stationery design wrap. Mark the names of all your attendees on each of them.

Enjoy the party with your family and friends with this unique birthday party goodie bag!


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