How To Make a Bookcase Headboard

Professional institutions can have expensive shelves and cabinets where thousands of books can be stored and segregated into different systems of classification. They also have professional staff or librarians who do this for a living, assisted by technological advances such as automated library management software which makes book management and book collecting easy.

However, for the average Joe who is passionate about books and loves having them around in the house, keeping tabs of these titles and storing them in a professional, organized manner is almost an impossible task. Favorite books have been lost, damaged, misplaced and never found because of faulty book storage. Fortunately, you can avert and solve this problem by creating your very own bookcase headboard. You do not only solve the problem of storing and organizing your books, but also keep them in a good place where you read books comfortably and easily – your bed. Follow the instructions carefully to see how you can build your very own bookcase.

1.    Purchase the materials. Buy the following materials in your local hardware store.

  • 7 pieces of planks (10feet long, 1 foot wide, 1 inch thick)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Circular Saw
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Fillers
  • Sand Papers
  • Paints and Primer
  • Lacquer

2.    Measure and cut. With the use of your tape measure, frame the planks according to these measurements:

  • No.1 plank         = 68 x 12       inches
  • No.2 plank         = 66.5 x 12       inches
  • No.3 plank         = 66.5 x 11.25 inches
  • No.4 & No.5 planks    = 47.25 x 12       inches
  • No.6 & No.7 planks = 35.25 x 12       inches
  • No.8 & No.9 planks = 35.25 x 8.5      inches
  • No.10-No.15 planks = 11.25 x 8.5 inches
  • No. 16 & No. 17 planks = 48 x 12 inches

3.    Smoothen. After cutting the planks, be sure to smoothen the surfaces, linings and edges of all the planks.

4.    Right side. Using the cut pieces, attach Plank No.4 to Plank No.6 and then to Plank No.8 which forms a squared “U” with 10 inches for its width and 47.25 inches for its height. Insert Plank No.10 as a shelf an inch from the bottom. Attach Plank No.11 10inches above that first plank, then Plank No.12 another 10 inches above the second.

5.    Left side. Follow the steps in step 4 to do the left side. The only difference is that the No. 5 plank is on the left side and the No. 7 plank is on the right.

6.    Front. Grab Plank No.2 and attach to the top of Plank No.9 so it touches the No.4 and No.5 planks. Fasten and secure with screws.

7.    Back. Grab Plank No.3 and vertically sit it on top of Plank No.2. Fasten and secure with screws.

8.    Top. Attach the top plank by placing No.1 on top of the canvass. Frame it carefully, fasten and secure with screws.

9.    Close. Attach Plank No. 16 and No. 17 to the bottom shelf, screwing it on the insides of both sides.

10.   Fill and Sand. For any visible holes, pack it with wood filler and sit to dry. Smooth the end result with your sand papers.

11.   Paint. According to your own style and liking, paint or stain the finished headboard.

12.   Install. After finalizing your headboard bookcase, attach it to your bed frame. Enjoy!

Books are a wonderful source of interesting information, stories, histories and even ways to make a livelihood, written by many different intellectual and creative minds. If you love books, making a headboard bookcase is one of the best projects you can do in honor of your book collection.


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