How To Make a Bottle Cap Belt

One of the major categories of fashion is accessories, and one of the most crucial and functional accessories is the belt. Belts were invented not just to improve one’s fashion. More importantly, its very function is to keep the pants or blouse in place. There are many subcategories of belts, and the brand, trend and style heavily dictate the cost of purchasing one. Luckily, there are ways of getting belts according to your budget. However, the best option is still free one! Learn how to make a belt spruced up with everyday things like bottle-caps just by following these simple steps! 

1.    Materials. Obtain the following materials.

  • Belt buckle
  • Small drill
  • Leather belt
  • Pliers
  • Bottle caps
  • Thread

2.    Clean. Clean the bottle caps using soap and water. Make sure that you remove the last traces of soda or alcoholic beverages from the caps. Remember that you are making an entire belt made out of soda bottle caps. Small insects can detect the collective scent of improperly washed bottle caps, which can lead to a belt covered with small ants who want the sugary taste of old soda bottle caps.

3.    Dry. Dry the bottle caps with a towel.  Be sure to get into the nooks and crannies of a bottle cap.

4.    Flatten. Get a hammer and flatten the bottle caps. Do this by placing the cap in a strong and flat surface. Gently hammer away at the edges of the bottle cap until it flattens out. If you are skilled with hammer work, you can use a single strike to flatten the bottle cap. Be careful, however, since the caps can actually fly off if you strike it improperly. This can lead to injuries for you or others around you.

5.    Holes. Drill 2 holes in the edges of the bottle caps. Make sure that the holes are aligned, since these holes will be used to attach the belt to the caps.

6.    Attach. Drill holes on the leather belt. Using the thread, align and tie the drilled bottle caps onto the leather belt. You can use thick strings in various colors, to add to the style of the belt. If you plan on using simple yarn, it is best to double the ties. You do not want to re-attach the bottle caps onto your belt every so often.

7.    Buckle up. Attach the buckle to the belt when you finish lining up the leather belt with the bottle caps. Check to see if all of the caps are properly attached by shaking off the belt a couple of times. If the caps are properly secured, the bottle cap belt is finished.

8.    Wear. Wear it and show your new fashion accessory off!

With these easy steps, you can have an inexpensive belt that can showcase your creative juices and alternative lifestyles. Pair your bottle cap belt with a tie-dyed shirt or skirt, and some hand woven bracelets or anklets. Or, you can also go for simple yet outlandish with a basic white tee and fitted pants that will make your DIY belt stand out. With the creativity to create your own bottle cap belt, you probably also have the panache to wear it off in style.


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