How To Make a Bouquet with Ranunculus

Ranunculus are a type of buttercup. It is an unusual feminine flower that comes in colors from bright yellow, to hot pink plus pale creams. Ranunculus are very lush and still rare in bridal bouquets. Here's how to create tight, formal ranunculus bouquets.

What you need:

6 to 12 fresh ranunculus for making your ranunculus bouquet. Look for tight blooms that are just unfurling. Chose greenery along with additional flowers. Also needed are wired floral tape, ribbon, floral pins or a glue, floral foam, and bouquet collars, if so desired, and a misting bottle. The ranunculus bridal bouquet can be made the day before the wedding and stored in the fridge wrapped loosely in tissue paper.

  1. Pick flowers that are very fresh for the ranunculus bouquet. Clip or cut the ends of the stem making sure there is enough stem to hold comfortably and wrap in ribbon and have room for a collar it you choose.
  2. Take a piece of floral foam cut to fit the size of the ranunculus bouquet and soak it in water, but not dripping. Push the stems of the ranunculus into the floral foam. You can use a bouquet collar or not. If you do, you will need to push the stems through the collar and then into the foam. Carefully arrange the flowers. A tight bouquet will look the best. Add bits and pieces of greenery and baby's breath to fill in the arrangement, and while you are working slightly mist the arrangement.
  3. Take a piece of floral wire or wired floral tape and wrap it round the stems to form a single handle to carry. Continue to mist lightly throughout the process. The foam should also be trimmed to fit the ranunculus bouquet and it should also be wrapped.
  4. Add your matching ribbon. Use a wide high quality ribbon that is elegant and rich. Begin at the bottom and glue or pin the ribbon in place and warp up toward your collar or bouquet. Add glue or another pin to secure ribbon at the top and the ranunculus bouquet is done.
  5. Mist your beautiful ranunculus bouquet, warp it loosely in white tissue paper, and store in a fridge.

Enjoy the frilly romantic bouquet you have created with the unusual and beautiful ranunculus flower.


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