How To Make a Bow-Drill for Starting a Fire

The bow-drill has four different parts to it, and they can all be found in nature by looking for sticks and branches that are already on the ground.  The bow-drill is made from a bow, hand-hold, spindle, and a fireboard.  These four pieces are all needed for the bow-drill to work correctly.  The bow-drill will not work without all of the correct pieces, so be sure that you get all four pieces together before starting on this project.  

The hand-hold and the fireboard are on each side of the spindle.  They will both be made from flat pieces of wood.  The spindle is spun by the bow, which creates friction, which in turn would create the sparks and then the fire.  This is a very easy way to start a fire and can be learned quickly with a little bit of practice and the four pieces of equipment that you need to get started.

  1. You can make your bow from a stick, and then it should be about as long as your entire arm from your shoulder to the fingertips. 
  2. You then need to tie a piece of string from one end of the bow onto the other end of the bow. 
  3. You will need to use some soft wood for the other parts of the drill.  Many woods are soft, so you will have no problem finding a nice soft piece, especially if you are in a wooded area.  You can gather some different sticks from the ground and see what wood is the softest. 
  4. The hand-hold piece of wood should fit inside of your hand, and you can put a small hole in one side of it for the spindle to spin in. 
  5. The spindle can be about 6 inches long and should be dull at both ends. 
  6. The spindle can be about 3/4 inch wide. 
  7. The fireboard should be about 1/2 inch thick and flat on each side of it.  This piece of wood should also be soft, so be sure to get a good piece when you are collecting your materials. 
  8. You should put a small notch in it for the drill to spin in.  Make sure the drill can sit in the notch and spin. 
  9. The drill will spin in this little notch and will generate smoke when you are doing it correctly. 

You just need some debris and you can start a fire very easily with the Bow-Drill.


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