How To Make a Bowling Pin Template

A bowling pin template is necessary if you are making bowling-themed party invitations and delicacies and other items that need to be shaped as a bowling pin. Because the bowling pin shape is rather simple, you can make your own template in whatever size. The bowling pin template can be hand-sketched, or if you are familiar with how they work, you can make use of image-making computer programs. Here are some tips on making a bowling pin template.

  • Draw a bowling pin. If you are an artistic person, you can consider drawing your own template on a piece of paper. Just make sure to be familiar with the bowling pin parts. The top part should be wider than the neck, while the belly part should be quite fat. You have to pay attention to both sides of the bowling pin and make sure that they are identical; otherwise, you will end up with a weird-looking bowling pin.
  • Try using a computer program. This can be a little harder to do, but it is a good option if your template has to be computer-based. If you are not so good at using a computer program, try to look for tutorials first.
  • Use a cut-out picture. If sketching is beyond your ability, it is much better if you cut out a bowling pin picture from a magazine or newspaper and trace this onto a piece of paper. Of course, you need to cut out a picture that is in the same size as your intended template. Finding the picture with the appropriate size, however, can be a little challenging, so consider the next tip.
  • Find a bowling pin picture on the Internet. The Internet undoubtedly has a wealth of bowling pin pictures. What’s good is that the bowling pin pictures on the web come in different sizes. But if you fail to find a picture that is in the size that you desire, you can simply import any bowling picture in your computer and have it resized.
  • Transfer the pattern to paper. Once you have made or found the bowling pin picture, you can begin tracing the shape onto a paper. If the template needs to be sturdy, make sure to use a cardboard. If not, you can make do with an ordinary paper. Remember to trace the shape carefully. After tracing, you can cut the template and use it as intended.
  • Color the template. If the template needs to be computer-based, you have to make sure that it is appropriately colored. The entire bowling pin should be in white or cream, except for the two bands of red on the neck part of the pin. If you want to be extra creative, you can even have the bowling pin in unconventional colors. Try, for instance, violet, pink, blue, green, and yellow. Playing with colors is ideal if you are making bowling-themed cake or invitations for kids.

You can use the template as soon as you are done making it. Remember to keep the template for future use, although you can easily make another one if there is a need.


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