How To Make a Box from Cardstock

Personalized boxes are a great way to enhance presents or customize storage depending on the size, color and look you are going for.  You can even decide if you want an attached lid or not.  Personalized cardstock containers are a unique way to create a one of a kind item for yourself or someone special.

  1. Where to begin? Gather the materials you need like cardstock, a ruler, pencil, eraser, scissors or craft knife, paper/binder clips and glue.  You can recycle cardstock by using old cereal boxes or other cardboard containers that no longer house the items you purchased.
  2. Choose your cardstock material and lay it down on a flat surface.  Work with the rougher side of the cardstock, since this will be the inside of your cardstock box.  Using a ruler and pencil, draw the pattern you want on the rough side of the cardstock.  This will be the base of the box, so decide if you want a rectangle or square, and how big or small.
  3. For the sides, draw a square or rectangle on each side of your base shape.  These will determine now tall or short your cardstock box will be.  Work out the dimensions of your cardstock container as you make your design.  After all, you can still erase the pattern if you don’t like it, and create a new one.
  4. The next step is to add the tabs to connect your shapes into the box you’re designing.  All along the right edge of the top shape, draw a slim tab.  Rotate your design and make another slim tab on the right edge of the next shape.  Repeat until each shape has a tab.
  5. Slowly cut out your pattern.  Following the inner edges of your original shape, score the fold lines using your scissors or craft knife.  Be sure to score a shallow line.  You only want to leave a slight mark that'll make it easy to fold in the tabs.  Now fold the tabs inward.  These are what you will use to adhere the shapes onto each other.
  6. Glue one scored tab onto the inner side of the next rectangle or square.  Hold it in place using a paper or binder clip.  Once the glue dries, you can remove the clips.  Repeat this procedure for the other tabs until your cardstock box is complete.
  7. To make the lid, follow the instructions above.  Make sure your sizes are slightly larger than the cardstock box itself.


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