How To Make a Box Type Solar Oven

You can make a box type solar oven very easily with some household items that you might have in your own home; if you don't have the items, they are easy to find at any general store.  

First, you need two cardboard boxes.  You can buy them at a moving supply store or you can use ones which are lying around your house.  One of the boxes should be two inches smaller than the other one and should be able to fit inside of it easily.  You also need some aluminum foil, newspapers, scissors, some black construction paper, a staple gun, and a tape measure.  

The first step is to line the inside of the smaller box with the foil.  You can use the staple gun to fasten it to the sides.  You should leave the bottom of the smaller box uncovered.  

Next, line the bottom of the smaller box with the construction paper.  You can fasten it with the staple gun.  

The next step is to crumple up the newspapers and fill up the bottom of the larger box with them.  It should be about two inches thick.

Now place the smaller box into the larger box.  Stuff the gap with more crumpled newspapers.  Next, take a three-inch piece of scrap cardboard and line it with aluminum foil for light reflection.  You can fasten the aluminum foil to the cardboard with the staple gun.  Next, you should place the oven in the direct sunlight.  This will provide the food with heat so it can cook inside of the boxes that you have constructed.  You can put food inside the smaller box to cook and then put a piece of glass on top of the larger box.  The food will cook inside the smaller box and you can have some free cooking outdoors.  

The box type solar oven is very easy to make since you can use many different objects that you have lying around your own home.  It does not take that long to assemble and can be a fun project for the family.  You don't really need to purchase anything except some construction paper if you do not have any, and a small piece of glass.  The oven can be easily built and can be used on camping trips if you like.  Many people who would like to save money on fuel can use the box type solar oven if they want to do some outdoor cooking and have some fun on the side.


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