How To Make a Braided Rug from Plastic Bags

Going green is big this year, and people everywhere are trying to find new ways of reusing what they have. Making a rug out of plastic bags isn't only creative, but it's useful as well.

  1. To start making a rug out of plastic bags, you begin by taking your plastic bags and cutting each one across the top and the bottom. When finished cutting the plastic bags, you should have removed the bottom and the handles.
  2. Now take each bag and cut up one side. Each plastic bag should be in a rectangle. From each rectangle piece, cut as many one or two inch strips as you can. When cutting, make the cut going up the length of the bag, making sure they are as long as possible.
  3. Now after cutting your plastic bags into strips, grab a few and tie them together and use the back of a chair, clipboard, or whatever means necessary to keep the strips in place while you begin to braid.
  4. As you begin to braid and the pieces get shorter, just add more strips by working them into the braid. How many strips you add to your braid can make the rug bigger or smaller. After you have accumulated several feet of braided plastic bag, all that's left to do is form a rug out of your braid.
  5. There are two different ways this can be done.
    1. The first way is forming your rug in a zig-zag pattern or s pattern. When forming the zig-zag pattern with your braided plastic bags, at every point made, you need to tie it to the previous point, as this anchors it down. Using dental floss or clear string will work. After tying the points, which will be the top and bottom parts of the rug, you can then secure the middle pieces to make the rug come together better.
    2. The second way to form your braided rug is to form the braid into a coil. The first coil you make will be the smallest, and needs to be tied to hold that first coil. This will be your anchor for forming the rest of the rug. As you wind the braid around the first coil, stop every three to five inches and tie the braid down to the previous coil already formed, keeping the rug's shape. Continue with the braid until you have reached the end, tying it off for your finished rug made out of plastic bags.


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