How To Make a Bridal Garter Belt

Garter belt

Every bride wants to look and feel beautiful on her special day. It does not take long before the wedding bill begins to add up. You do not want to be without any accessory and the garter belt is no exception. The garter belt has evolved over time to stand as a symbol of good luck for the new bride. You can save money if you learn how to make a bridal garter belt.

  1. You will need to gather the materials needed to make a bridal garter belt. You will need some thread, pins, a tape measure, safety pins and some lace. The lace needs to be of two widths, wide and narrow. You will also need ribbon and elastic strip. You can also use a sewing machine or you can use a needle and thread.
  2. Take the tape measure and get an accurate measurement of the thigh. Pull the tape firm so the garter belt will fit correctly. After you get this measurement, write it down so you can refer to it later.
  3. Get your elastic strip and cut it at least an inch and a half more than your measurement. This will give you the space you need for trimming and any errors that may occur while making the garter belt.
  4. Take the fabric for the band or your lace trim and cut it so it is at least one inch wider and twice as long as the elastic strip.
  5. You will need to sew the end of the strip and make sure the fabric for your bridal garter belt is right side out. Make sure the seam is in the back and iron it so it is flat.
  6. Stitch half of the length of your band fabric.
  7. Take your safety pins and place them on both ends of the elastic strip. One pin will be used to pull your elastic strip through and the other pin will secure the strip at the sewn end. You can crumble or scrunch that part of your bridal garter belt.
  8. You can now sew the band around your elastic strip. Before you sew your band, check the bridal garter belt again to make sure it still fits. Cut off any extra fabric that is left over.
  9. Decorate your garter belt with accessories like ribbons or pearls. You can sew these on or use a glue gun.

It is cheaper to learn how to make a bridal garter belt than buying one. You can create it to reflect your individual style. Have fun and enjoy your special day!


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