How To Make a Bubble Blower

Thinking of making a homemade bubble blower? You have lots of options to choose from. They are easy to make and are not only affordable, but something the whole family can enjoy making together.

  • Feeling like some really big bubbles? Get your hands on a kiddie pool and a hula hoop. These will need to be blown outdoors, since these bubbles will require lots of space and at least a gallon of bubble mixture. This is best done on a day with a breeze. Pour as much solution as you think you'll need into your pool. Whoever is making the bubbles will need something small to stand on, such as a stool or mounting block. Create jumbo sized bubbles by dragging the hula hoop through the air after dipping it into the pool.


  • You can always start a blower from scratch if you prefer something a little more complex. Pipe cleaners can be purchased anywhere, and they make the perfect bubble blower. They can be made big or small with only a twist, and you have a variety of colors to choose from. They can also be altered into all sorts of shapes such as a heart, star or square.


  • You can also make bubble blowers from old, warped wire coat hangers lying around your house or in your closet. If you have a pair of needle nose pliers, this craft becomes much easier. You will need to unwind the hanger and straighten it before shaping. Twist one end of the hanger to the other and allow yourself at least 3 inches of twisted wire to hold onto when making bubbles. This type of bubble blower can give you some trouble, so most suggest investing in some cotton twine. When your wire bubble blower is complete, you can wrap the twine around the wire, allowing it to act like a wick and make the bubbles much more durable. Use duct tape or electrical tape to wrap around the sharp edges, making it safer to use, once the twine is wrapped.

There are plenty of other designs to choose from, such as cutting shapes into old container lids and using cookie cutters. If these aren't the bubble blowers for you, there are plenty of handy tips and tricks online. You can also head to your local library or art store for interesting designs and ideas. Have fun experimenting with these fun crafts!


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