How To Make a Butterfly Patchwork Pillow

Everyone wants to cuddle something (or someone for that matter). Pillows have been with you through thick and thin. When you can’t contain your happiness, when you want to scream, when you want to cry, pillows have always been there. In times when you cannot reach out to your best friend, you can always turn to a pillow. Plus, pillows offer undying comfort. A patchwork pillow is a pillow with multicolored patches of fabrics sewn together. Patchwork pillows are easy to make. Not to mention that it’s fun. You can add different patchworks to your pillow. Let’s take for example a butterfly patchwork pillow. Follow the steps below in making one.

  • Gather the materials. You will need two pieces of fabric (about 15 x 20 inches). This will be the front and back of the pillow. You can also use a used pillowcase. Other materials needed are one 6 x 8 inches piece of fabric with contrasting color (for appliqué), two 6 inches pieces of bias trim tape (for antenna), one 10 inches eyelash yarn trim (for the head), polyfill stuffing, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread.
  • Look for a comfortable workplace. Find a workplace with a flat surface where you can draw your patchwork.
  • Draw the patchwork. Lay out the appliqué fabric on the flat surface. Draw a butterfly. If you’re not confident with your drawing skills, you can use a butterfly pattern that you can copy or trace. Cut out the drawing using scissors.
  • Attach the patchwork to the pillow. After you have chosen the fabric to be used as the front of the pillow, get the patchwork and sew it onto the fabric. You can pin the patchwork first to keep it in place then sew stitches on the edges of the appliqué using a sewing machine or needle and thread.
  • Add the final touches to the patchwork. Get the two 6 inches bias trim tapes and position it above the appliqué for the antenna. Stitch it into place by machine or hand stitch. Wind the eyelash yarn, shaping it like a ball, and tie it at the center. Position and attach it at the head of the butterfly.
  • Prepare the fabric for the pillow. Sew the front and back fabrics together. Stitch the three sides of the pillow, leaving one side unstitched. If you’re using a pillowcase instead of two separate fabrics, only two sides are joined together. You can sew just one of the two sides unstitched to make the three sides stitched, or you can sew three sides (to strengthen and add security to the other sides). The bottom line is leaving one side unstitched. Turn the pillow inside out. This is to keep the side with the stitches inside the pillow.
  • Fill the pillow. Stuff the inside of the pillow with polyfill stuffing. Add more until you’re satisfied with how stuffed the pillow is. Sew with top stitch the top part of the pillow by hand or machine stitch.

Making a patchwork pillow is easy and fun. However, don’t limit yourself to the instructions above. Let your creativity flow. You can add more designs to your pillow. You can even make some more pillows and give it as gifts!


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