How To Make a Button Bracelet

Vintage looking button bracelet

Buttons exist in all shapes, colors and textures. They lend themselves perfectly to making exquisite bracelets with inexpensive materials. You may overlap buttons for a flat bracelet or string them back-to-back for a round bracelet. Simply follow the instructions below to learn how to make bracelets using both methods. You will need 20 to 30 flat buttons, elastic cord (at least 0.7 mm in diameter and 48" in length), and a needle that can accommodate the elastic and scissors.

Elastic Length: For the Overlapped Bracelet, wrap the elastic around your wrist without stretching it. Cut it 3 inches longer than needed to fit snuggly. For the Back-to-Back Bracelet, double the elastic cord so it is folded in the middle. Wrap the cord around your wrist so the open end meets the folded end. Cut at the open end only, leaving about 1 ½ inches to each side.

A Note About Button Holes: With 4-hole buttons, always string the elastic through diagonally opposite holes to ensure it runs consistently in the middle of the bracelet.

Overlapped Button Bracelet:
Select a button. Hold it face up. Thread the elastic up one hole and down the opposite hole. Leave about 1 ½ inch of elastic at one end. Select another button. Hold it face down. Thread the longer end of the elastic down into the hole closest to the first button and up through the opposite hole. Move the button along until it sits halfway under the previous button on the bracelet.

Select another button. Hold it face up. Thread the longer end of the elastic up through the hole closest to the previous buttons and down the opposite hole. Continue the face-up/face-down pattern until all desired buttons have been added and about 1 ½ inches of elastic remain at each end of the bracelet. Tie the elastic ends together.

Back-to-Back Button Bracelet:
For this particular design, you may choose to have all buttons face the same direction on the bracelet or alternate them. Select a button. Thread each end of the elastic through opposite holes. Push the button back so it sits near the folded middle section of the elastic. Continue threading buttons in this fashion, stacking them against each other, until about 1 ½ inches of elastic remain out of each hole. To tie off the bracelet, bring ends face to face. Pull the loose ends of the elastic through the folded section. Tie each elastic end separately, against itself. Voila!


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