How to Make a Button Pomander

Make Whimsical Non-Perishable Pomanders with Buttons

There are people who collect buttons and it is easy to see why. There is something appealing about an object that has such a common purpose while at the same time conveying such a fascinating sense of geometry. Plus buttons come in every color imaginable. However, for those who collect buttons, the question soon becomes, what to do with them. Buttons in a jar just don't satisfy. Here is a fun and easy way to display your buttons, make a button pomander. Button pomanders are simple to make and multiply the geometric fun of buttons. In addition to providing a fun way for displaying your buttons, button pomanders are easy to take apart if you find you want to use the buttons for some other project.

Step 1


  • Styrofoam sphere
  • Buttons (one color or a combination of colors to match your décor works well)
  • Fabric
  • Adhesive
  • Straight pins (in coordinating or contrasting colors to your buttons)
  • Jingle bell (if desired)

Step 2


  • Use the adhesive and fabric to cover the sphere. Because circles are not the most efficient use of space, there will be gaps on the pomander where the base can be seen. If it doesn't bother you to see plain Styrofoam, this step is not necessary.
  • Start applying buttons to the foam sphere. For buttons with two holes, use a straight pin in each button and push the pins into the foam to hold the button in place. For buttons with four holes, it is not necessary to put a straight pin in each hole, however, if the button is particularly large, it may be a good idea to place a pin in each hole to create consistency and to make sure the button doesn't become lose.
  • If the pomander is being created for a Christmas decoration, a jingle bell can be fastened to the top where the hanging thread will be located using either glue or half a paperclip.

Step 3

Ideas and Suggestions

  • While one pomander is fun, a collection of pomanders in assorted sizes is charming. Grouping your pomanders in odd-numbered groups, give them greater visual impact.
  • This is a simple craft project, however, be prepared for it to take time. Large pomanders, especially, take longer than one might expect.
  • Make a button tree. Instead of making a pomander, make a button tree using a Styrofoam cone.
  • If you like the rustic look, consider stopping at your local coffee shop and see if they will give you their burlap coffee bags for free. The burlap makes a great 'base' under the buttons.


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