Making a Cajon Drum: Percussion Hardware for Cajon Drums

Follow These Steps to Make a Cajon Box Drum and Start Taking Drum Lessons Today

If you enjoy music and have some mechanical ability, a fun project that you might enjoy would be making a cajon drum. A cajon is box-shaped drum made out of a thin kind of plywood. It is played by slapping at the front portion with your hands. Follow these directions to learn how to make this fun-to-play instrument.

The main items you need in order to make a cajon drum are plywood, drum hardware, a decent saw and some good plans. If you search on the Internet, it is possible to come up with plans for the drum that include specific dimensions. This way you can ensure that your cajon drum turns out successfully and in the way that you want. If you have ever shopped for this type of instrument, you will know that they can be rather expensive, so you are going to save some money when you make the drum yourself.

Once you obtain decent schematics for making a cajon drum, they will instruct you on how large or small to cut the pieces of plywood you are going to use. When building cajon drums, make sure you cut these pieces exactly to the measurements specified by the schematics, or your drum may not end up working properly, and you will end up wasting a lot of your time. Also, make sure you purchase the proper hardware advised by the schematics or instructions for your instrument.

When you have cut all of the pieces in the correct way and size, you are ready to put them together. Again, be very careful to follow exactly the procedure advised in any instructions you choose to follow. Your drum may not end up performing as well as you would hope it to if you rush through or fail to follow the instructions exactly as described. A drum percussion instrument must be precisely made or the sound will be off.

In the end, assuming you follow the measurements and specifications to the letter, you will have your very own cajon drum.
Once it is built, you can research on the Internet or even find a local instructor to give you excellent lessons on playing your creation to maximum effect. Drums are one of the favorite percussion instruments and although cajon drums are a specialty drum, the music is similar. Making and owning a cajon drum can be a great way to express yourself artistically and entertain yourself and your friends and family. If you become talented enough, you might even be able to make a little bit of money by performing it for people at arts festivals and events of that nature; everyone enjoys a good musical performance.


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