How To Make a Candle Out of Old Candles

Lighting up candles is great for birthdays, parties, and romantic dinners. When the party or dinner is over, what do you do with the puddles of melted candles? Most people throw these away while some want to keep them for future use. Melted candles can be used to polish the floor or wooden furniture pieces. Besides turning them into floor wax, you can also make new candles out of old ones. The process is easy but the result can be very astonishing. The steps below detail the basic way on how to make candles out of old candles:

  • Prepare the old candles. You can’t mix all candles to make new ones. Colors and scents can affect the beauty of your candle. At least, none of these will affect their noble function. If you want to make beautiful candles, then make sure that you combine candles that can match well in terms of color and scent. The more you practice making candles out of old ones, the more you’ll familiarize how different color and scent combinations affect the finished product.
  • Break up candles into smaller chunks. Doing so will make melting of candles easier. This allows you to take out the wicks from the candles. You may use an old knife for this purpose. If that is not available, then use hammer and chisel. The smaller the candles are broken up, the easier and faster the melting will be. Also, it’s okay if wicks can’t be removed from the old candles. These can be filtered by cheesecloth once the candles are melted.
  • Prepare the mold. You may use anything that is made up of glass or ceramic materials. Shot glasses, mugs, and coffee cups can work best for molding candles. Apply a thin layer of wax release or cooking spray on the mold. With this, the candles can be easily taken out once cold. Put the pre-waxed wick at the center of the mold. Alternatively, you can put the wick once the liquefied wax is poured in the mold.
  • Heat up a double boiler on a stove. If this is not available, you can use two saucepans. One should be a bit bigger than the other so that the water can be boiled in the first layer while the candles are melted in the top saucepan. Once the melting device is hot, place all the chunks of old candles. The melting process will begin. Wait until all the chunks are liquefied.
  • Pour the liquefied wax into the molds. Be very careful when doing this since the melted old candles are still very hot. Put in the wicks, in case you haven’t put them when preparing the molds.
  • Let the liquid wax to cool down and harden. Take the new candles out of the mold. Now you can use these new candles from the old candles. Light them up and enjoy the new glow.

The steps above detail the basic way of recycling old and melted candles. Next time, try more advanced way of making new candles like by using more interesting molds, adding color to the candle, and adding scent.


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