How To Make a Candy-Wrapper Throw Pillow

A throw pillow or a toss pillow is a type of pillow used to decorate beds and sofas. They are small in size compared to the common pillow we use at night while we sleep. The sizes differ depending on its style. 16 to 18 inch squares are the common sizes but it can be bigger. Bolsters are types of throw pillows that have a rectangular, circular and cylindrical shape.

Throw pillows are made from a variety of textiles that include leather silk, micro fiber or faux, cotton, linen, hemp and suede. In recent years, throw pillow design and production has become an art that has attracted many fashion designers around the world.

A candy-wrapper throw pillow is a kind of throw pillow with a unique design that uses recycled materials. It easily compliments your furniture. Having different colors in it gives it a vibrant appeal replacing its single color counterpart.

Materials Needed

  • Candy Wrappers (approx. 5 packs)
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Bolster pillow form/insert
  • Thread and needle


  • Use a bolster pillow form/insert of your choice (durability varies from its thread count and density)
  • Cut a fabric measuring the size you want (10-20 inches are commonly used). Make sure that the cut fabric measures longer than the bolster pillow form/insert. The use of longer fabric will give you extra length so you can decide on the design of its end. Always remember that if there’s an excess 10 inches of length, both sides will have an extra 5 inches, thus having 20 inches allows you to have an extra 10 inches
  • Use the fabric to wrap it around. Align all the edges then overlap them slightly and stitch them by hand. After hand-stitching your fabric, just flip it from inside then insert your bolster pillow form.
  • Use a ribbon of your choice then collect candy wrappers and put it on each side of the pillow you just made. Put the ribbon on the base of your bolster pillow then give it a tight knot.

Candy-Wrapper throw pillows will give you a new feel to the old ones if ever you get tired of the same look and color. Making one might be a bit challenging. Provided you follow the guidelines, you will be greatly rewarded of its beauty after it is done, with a little patience and continuous practice.

Some people prefer to give these types of pillows to their loved ones as a gift or to impress a special someone. To give it a personalized touch, pictures or logos can be placed to give the owner an extra feel. You can even make a business out of it by selling them. Some companies create their own designs using candy wrappers to give it a distinct look. 

Candy-wrapper throw pillows are also used for multi-colored decorative purposes. It is really an eye-catcher, especially to people who rarely see it. Instead of throwing away your candy wrappers, you can save trash by recycling it using this method.


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