How To Make a Car Visor CD Holder

Too often we reach around for those CDs only to find they have rolled under the seat. Keeping your CDs with in an arm's reach is not only convenient, but a great safety measure as well. With a visor CD holder, your CDs are kept right in front of you out of harm's way. The visor CD holder will keep your CDs free from scratches and you free from searching. Car visor CD holders sold in stores often come in one color, black and it is very boring. With these steps you can learn how to make one exactly how you like it.

In order to make your own car visor CD holder you will need to have a basic understanding of how a sewing machine works as well as basic sewing skills. The other materials you will need are straight pins, sewing machine, three yards of material, and a piece of cardboard, two yards of elastic, a pencil, tape measure, thread, piece of newspaper, CD case, and scissors.

  1. First you are going to want to make a template. This is the start of preparing the materials needed to make your car visor CD holder. Take a piece of newspaper and cover your visor. Once covered, trace the outline of the visor on to the paper. Use your tape measure to take measurements and write them on this paper. This will be your guide.
  2. Grab your cardboard; this will be your base. Cut the width of the base. It must be the same as a CD case and the length must match the longest part of your car's visor to ensure proper fit. Use your template to make sure the visor CD holder will not be longer than your visor.
  3. Choose your fabric. The best fabrics are those that won't scratch your CDs such as felt. Cut eight to twelve pieces of this fabric, all the size of a CD case. Remember: The CD case is NOT a perfect square.
  4. Your fabric pieces should resemble rectangles. Take your rectangles and cut an inch off the top. For a more polished look, finish the edge using the sewing machine. These pieces will become the pockets of the car CD visor.
  5. Take your base and set a large piece of fabric on top of it. Measure the fabric 1.5 inches extra all the way around your base. Use a pencil to mark your spots and trace your line. Cut two pieces.
  6. Now that you have your pieces ready you can now begin to make the actual car visor CD holder. Begin by laying the pocket pieces on the base. It is best to start from the top and pin as you go and try to space them evenly. Make sure the last piece lines up evenly with the bottom of your base.
  7. You are now ready to sew your pockets on to the base. Start at the bottom and only do one pocket at a time. You will need to move the attached pieces out of your way before starting the next one. After you have finished this you can move on to the sides. You will want to do a basting stitch first. Find a CD and see if it fits into the pocket. If it does, continue forward. If it does not, you will need to move your side stitch over.
  8. Now lay your pockets face up and place a piece of elastic three inches longer than the depth of your pocket piece and two inches from the top edge. The end of the elastic should be flush with the sides of your pocket. Pin the elastic in place and add another piece two inches from the bottom. Take the back panel and put it on top of the pocket panel, with the side you want showing face down. Pin the edges and sew them together. Then sew the bottom of the car CD visor. For now, you want to leave the top open.

Turn your panels inside out. Place your base inside the sewn fabric. You can now finish the top. You can add a fabric cap and sew shut. Another option is to fold the material over and glue with fabric glue.


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