How To Make a Card for an 80th Birthday

Congratulations! You know someone that has made it through eighty years of his life, and is still ticking and ready to go.  This is an honor, and should be acknowledged appropriately.  That person is now an official octogenarian, and has lived eight-tenths of a century - wow!  A homemade card to express your admiration and affection is an excellent way to show you care.

Making a card for an 80th birthday doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, although it certainly can be, if you'd like - there are no limits on creativity for this project.  But, before you get started, you should have a definite idea in mind of what you'd like the card to reflect.  Maybe a speech written about his life?  Or a word of congratulations from other family members?  Perhaps you'd like to incorporate family photos, or events that have occurred in his lifetime.  Again, there are virtually no limits on creativity and imagination.

The ideal card should be made out of heavier material than the construction paper cards we created in elementary school.  You might want to scour the arts and crafts store in your area for manila card stock, or poster board - even if it's bigger than you'd like it to be, it can always be cut down to size.  Now, once you have your canvas, it's time to get started on putting the card together.

You might want to take some quotes from family members about the recent birthday participant; if so, these can be beautifully written in an artful hand, such as calligraphy.  Or, you might want to pair the quote with a picture of the family member, as well.  It's easy enough to make a copy of a photograph these days, and attaching it to the card can be done with a simple glue stick.  The picture can even be surrounded with glitter or other embellishments, if you like.  Perhaps you might want to include pictures of events that have happened in his lifetime, or funny quotes about turning eighty or getting older.

Perhaps you'd like to make a timeline of events in his life within the card, punctuated by pictures and giggles.  The card will be from your heart no matter how you choose to celebrate the life of this octogenarian, and is sure to be appreciated.  Make sure the card is appropriate in subject matter to the birthday celebrant, but a well-crafted remembrance of his life is sure to please anyone.


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