How To Make a Cardboard Cutout Stand Up

Remember going to the movies and seeing those great big cardboard cutouts? They are impressive aren't they? Wouldn't it be great to have one at your next event, party, or just to decorate your home? How in the world did they make them so big, and how do they stand up? Here we will show you how to make a life-sized image or object made out of cardboard stand up. These are great to have at a party, a decoration item, and can be placed anywhere.

First find a good photo, either of yourself or of someone else. Preferably you want a photo that is taken with a high megapixel camera, and you want a simple background, like black, or white.

You will need to use your computer to get this one done. So, if you had your PC on, you will need to restart it and open a graphics program like Photoshop or the free Gimp version.  Now you want to resize the image, so go to menu and choose resize. Then choose inches and choose the number of inches you want in the image size. You can make this five inches, six, seven, or eight. When you print the picture, your printer will print it out in parts, which you can piece together.

Get enough pieces of foam board to reach the height you want. Now apply photo adhesive or glue stick to the board and attach each individual photo piece you printed out. You can also go over to a copy center and ask them to make a blow up for you, then attach that to your foam board. Then glue all the foam board together. It is like one big puzzle.

Once you have fitted the pieces together. Take a clean paint roller and roll over the image pieces so that there are no air bubbles, then cut around the image with an X-acto knife. You want to cut both the board and the paper. Make sure you get a clean edge, and you can do that by making several scores or slight cuts with the X-acto knife. Once you have cut out the form, the cardboard cut out should stand, but if it doesn't, then make a triangle to stand in back of the cutout. The triangle can be made out of foam board. Make it to resemble the type of triangle that that holds photo frames up on a table.


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