How To Make a Cardboard Puppet Stage

Kids nowadays enjoy watching TV and playing video games. For a change, why don’t you encourage the artistic side in your kids and let them make crafts that they can also play with.

For sure they do have their favorite cartoon characters, and wouldn’t it be exciting for them to know that they can design a stage for these characters to play with by making their own puppet show.

This project is very simple to do and wouldn’t cost you much. Most of the materials are available in your own household, or can be purchased in any craft store near you.

Your kids will surely enjoy helping you make a cardboard puppet stage. So, follow the instructions below and let’s get started.

  • Materials you will need:
      • Large cardboard box – like the one used for TV or similar
      • Sturdy pair of scissors or cutter
      • Glue
      • Paint
      • Fabric
      • Pencil
      • Ruler

  • Prepare your work area. As you will be working with your kids on this project, make sure that your work is safe from hazardous materials. Keep the cutter or scissors near you at all times.
  • Set up your cardboard puppet stage. Even before you gather your kids around to help out; it would be best that you prepare the cardboard box ahead of time. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a rectangle at one of the wider sides of the box. This will serve as the window area. Get a cutter or craft knife and cut a hole in the box. Take the excess cardboard that you have removed and cut it into thirds. Attach it on the edge of the window area. This will serve as the ledge.
  • Start decorating the box. Now, gather the kids and let them design the stage. Hand each of them a paint brush, and using acrylic paint let them color and design the box however they like it. This will encourage them to think of ideas and a concept for their puppet show. Let the paint dry completely.
  • Create a backdrop for your stage. When the paint is completely dry, get a piece of fabric and attach it to the inside of the box opposite the window. The fabric will serve as the backdrop for a full theater feel. A dark red velvet fabric is ideal, but any scrap fabric in the household will do as well. Fasten the fabric in place by using glue or by stapling it against the cardboard box.
  • Create a name for your theater. Ask your kids to come up with a name for their theater. Write the name across the top of the window using paint or marker.
  • Add the curtains. As in any theater, your stage will not be complete without the red curtains. Drape red fabric on both sides of the window for this.

Your kids can now enjoy their cardboard puppet stage!  Have them put on a show for the whole family to see.

Create as many puppet stages as you like and your kids can paint each stage differently according to their storyline.


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