How To Make a CD Case Picture Frame

Recycling is in and a great way to get rid of useless clutter around your home!! A good example are all those old CD cases lying around since you've switched to more updated technologies for downloading and listening to music. You can use these old CD cases as picture frames and place them around the house. Not only will they be colorful and attractive, they are also a great way to display your memories or any pictures or artwork done by your children. With these CD cases being converted into picture frames, you will be saved the hassle of having to spend money on buying photo frames from the market.

Step 1

Materials required.

  • Empty CD cases with the album cover and paper casing removed
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • Ribbon or other decorations such as stickers, color paper, etc
  • Pictures or photos which you want framed
  • Wet wipes or tissue

Step 2

Clean the CD case with a wet wipe or tissue, removing all dust and other debris.

Step 3

Open the case fully so that both sides lie flat on the surface.

Step 4

Measure the open frame space of the CD case. Cut the pictures or photos you want to frame to the dimensions of the CD case.

Step 5

Slip the cut picture into the front frame of the CD case. Apply very tiny amounts of clear glue or adhesive at the four corners of the CD case, to prevent the picture from sliding or moving out of the frame. Allow the glue to dry out and in the meantime, get cracking with the embellishments you want the frame decorated with.

Step 6

Use ribbons in a color which complement the colors in the picture or photo. Tape the strips of ribbon along the four edges of the CD case, such that the ribbon frames the entire picture and highlights the photo/picture.

Step 7

Use small, colorful stickers or use colored crepe or construction paper to cut out small figures or symbols such as stars, hearts, etc, which add to the attractiveness of the picture and frame. You can also use glitter or small glass or plastic buttons to outline objects or people in the picture.

Step 8

Once the glue or adhesive has completely dried, close the CD case back to its original shape. You can use the CD back cover as a stand to keep your framed pictures upright on surfaces such as a table or the mantel. Another option is to group your pictures in an attractive setting on the blank walls of any room in the house. You can attach the back of the CD case picture frames using two-sided adhesive tape which will not leave any marks on the wall, once the picture is removed.

These are just a few of the tricks you can use to change an old CD case into an attractive and interesting picture frame. What you do with the CD cases and other materials around the house is limited only by your ingenuity and creativity. Feel free to let your imagination run wild!


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Indeed a great a way to recycle. Now I can have some use for those CD cases. Thanks!

By Anonymous