How To Make a CD Hovercraft

Fun weekend activities such as devising homemade toys are a creative way of spending time with your children. Not only will you encourage resourcefulness but also instill in them a sense of caring for the environment as you teach them how to make their very own toys from recyclable materials. Simple hovercraft models such as those made from discarded CDs can be easily made over the weekend with your kids. Follow these steps to make a CD hovercraft with the use of other easy to find household items.

  1. Have everything you need to make a CD hovercraft assembled first. Firstly, you will need a piece of discarded compact disc for each CD hovercraft you intend to make. Next is to get a tube of super glue. Also have a pack of moderately sized balloons for this CD hovercraft project. Lastly, grab an unused sports water bottle that has the pop-open type of lid. Detach this lid as this is the only one needed for the CD hovercraft project.
  2. Attach the water bottle lid onto the center of the CD. Take the tube of super glue and carefully puncture its tip to avoid spilling glue on your hands. Now, have the bottle lid and turn it upside down. Apply just about the enough amount of super glue onto the base of the bottle lid. Now, attach this lid onto the CD making sure it is positioned properly in the midpoint. Carefully press the bottle lid down to make sure it sticks to the CD firmly. Now all this CD and lid contraption needs is the balloon to complete your CD hovercraft project.
  3. Put the balloon into the CD hovercraft lid. Have a piece of balloon and securely insert its base into the lid. Turn the CD hovercraft upside down and inflate the balloon through the hole in the CD hovercraft. Now, push the bottle lid down to close it once the balloon is fully filled with air. Position the CD hovercraft with the inflated balloon onto a smooth and level floor. Pop the bottle lid open and you will see the CD hovercraft glide through the floor smoothly and steadily.

Caution should be practiced when handling items with harmful chemicals such as super glue. Always supervise your children during the project to avoid untoward accidents. Protective goggles and hand gloves are advised when doing this project. It is also a good idea to work in a well ventilated area as super glue fumes can cause irritations to the eyes and the lungs. Properly wash hands after this project to make sure that no super glue residue is left.


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