How To Make a Chandelier Out of CDs

Chandeliers add a touch of style and splendor to the room. In addition to this, chandeliers are a great way to express your creative side, as they can be made from practically anything. A very economical, yet magnificent, chandelier can be made from old CDs. The shiny CD surface reflects light brilliantly. CD chandeliers are super easy to make as well.

First you will need to obtain a chandelier frame. You may purchase a new one or search rummage sales for a second hand one. If you happen to have an old frame just lying around collecting dust somewhere, even better!

  1. Determine the number of hooks on your frame. Now divide the total number of hooks by five. This is the amount of CDs needed to make your chandelier.
  2. Next, place one of the CDs on a table and measure one half inch from the edge, inward towards the center. Draw a straight line across the CD at this point.
  3. Starting from the point you just marked, measure out three quarters of an inch, and then draw another straight line across.
  4. From here, continue to measure out and draw a line at three quarter inch intervals all the way around the CD. If done correctly, you should wind up with a total of 5, three quarter inch strips, the original, one half inch strip and a one quarter inch strip at the opposite end of the CD.
  5. Using an X-acto knife, press down firmly and cut the CD on each of the lines you marked. Do not try to cut completely through the CD as this, most likely, will not be possible, and attempting to do so could cause the knife to slip, resulting in injury. Your goal here is to make deep grooves in the CD.
  6. Then, gently bend the CD along the grooves you created, it should break apart with ease at each point. Throw away the half inch strip and the quarter inch strip, you will only be using the three quarter inch strips. Repeat these steps for each CD.
  7. Then, using a knife point or other sharp object, carefully form a hole into the top of each CD strip. Be sure to center the holes. Then wipe each strip clean to ensure maximum shine.

Finally, hang up your chandelier frame. Hang one of the CD pieces from each of the hooks on the frame. The result should be a very cool looking chandelier!


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