How To Make a Checkered Flag

If you are an F1 race fanatic, then you know what the checkered flag signifies, the end of a race. It is not only used in the most prestigious car racing event in the world but is used in any type of race. Once a car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle passes the finish line, the checkered flags are raised and waived. Typically, the checkered flag uses black and white as its primary color however; this would really depend on your preference. If you need to make one for an upcoming racing event you are planning to host, then here is a quick guide to follow.

  • Decide on the size. Alright, most checkered flags are squarish in nature however; you can go with a rectangular flag. Either way, you will need to decide on the dimensions of the flag. Nevertheless, a good size would be the size of a regular pillowcase. If this is the size you want, then you can use an old white pillowcase for your flag. If not, then get a white cotton fabric and cut it down to size.
  • Prep the fabric. Assuming that you decided to use an old pillowcase, lay it flat on a table with the open end pointing to the left. Insert a couple of sheets of old newspaper inside the pillowcase as this will serve as the layer of protection once you proceed to painting one side.
  • Create the pattern. With a yard stick, start marking the rows for your checkers. If you used a regular sized pillowcase, you should be able to make 5 to 6 horizontal rows. Once that is done, proceed with marking the vertical lines or columns. Use a felt tip pen or pencil. As you complete the columns, you should have one side of the pillow case with a white checkered design. Repeat the process on the other side of the pillow case.
  • Start painting. With the pattern now on both sides of the pillow case, pick one side and whip out your paint brush and a bottle of black fabric paint. Begin with the first row by painting the very first square on the left. Once that is done, proceed with the 3rd square. Keep with the pattern of painting every other cube or square on the pillowcase. Once the first row has been painted, do the 2nd row but this time, start with the 2nd square. Complete the 2nd row and do the third row and start with the 1st square again. Keep with the program until you complete the painting of the first side. Allow the paint to completely dry and then proceed with the other side of the pillowcase. Maintain the program of painting every other cube or square. Once the other side is complete, allow it to dry as well.
  • Complete the flag. Your pillow case may be checkered in design already but it will not become a flag without a stick to wave it with. Hence, you will need to glue the stick onto the open end of the pillowcase. Cut an inch or two from the bottom and top edges of the opening. Insert the stick into the opening and glue each inner side to the stick. Let the glue dry and set before testing it.

Now that you have made your very own checkered flag, you can start waving it around or use it for your race. It is really up to you.


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