How To Make a Child's Apron

If you have children, you know that you will get stains.  The best way to save money on stains that are made because of fun arts and crafts is to invest in a child's apron.  You can always buy a child’s apron, but it is simply more fun and more personal to make a child’s apron.  It is easy and fast and can become a keepsake that will last forever.  Follow these simple, easy to follow steps and you can make a memory that will keep you going for years.

Choose Your Fabric:

This is the step that is the most fun for both you and your child.  Find a store that sells fabric.  You can find stores that stock only fabrics.  These stores will have a wider variety to choose from.  You may also go to a larger chain and choose from a more select variety.  Allow your child to choose the fabric.  This will make them feel a bit more in control and bring them closer to this project.  You will want to steer them toward more brightly colored fabrics, as your child will likely be using brightly colored paints and it will blend better.

Choose a Pattern:

The typical pattern is a favorite among most do it yourself sewers.  The typical pattern includes a frontal panel and an over the head strap as well as a strap that ties in the back just over the hips.  This is the easiest pattern and the quickest method possible.  If you cannot find a standard pattern in a store, you can also buy a large piece of poster paper and draw your own pattern.

Cut Your Fabric:

Cut your fabric according to the specifications on your store bought pattern.  If you drew your own, simple fold your fabric in half and cut along your hand drawn pattern.

Sew It Up:

Start by sewing your frontal panel face to face.  Once you have finished that, you can then add your straps.  For the strap that goes over the head, make sure that you make it long enough to go over your child’s head comfortably, then sew it to the inside of your front panel.  Next you are going to add a strap to both sides just above where the hip section of the panel.  You can make the straps from ribbon or wrapped and sewn excess material.  This is how you make a child’s apron.

Congratulations, you have just made a simple child’s apron in just under an hour.  This will make for practical usage as well as a keepsake to put in your memory box and cherish for years to come.


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