How To Make a Christmas Spider

Looking for a way to spice up your Christmas tree? Then I know a great way to do exactly that and have fun with your kids all at the same time. You can do exactly all of that by making Christmas spiders! Yes, you heard right, Christmas spiders! Even though they sound a little bit scary, they are not at all. In fact, they are very pretty and are very fun to make. This is what you will need to make them.

Get hold of some pipe cleaners. They cost about two dollars a pack or less at any hobby store. They can be any color that you would like them to be. That is all that you need! But of course you will also need some eager fingers willing to make the spiders, so tell the kids to each grab three pipe cleaners -- this is what they will need to do with them:

  • Tell the kids to make a cross shape with two of the pipe cleaners by setting one on top of the other.
  • When they have done that, grab the end of the pipe cleaner on top, and bend it over the pipe cleaner on bottom twice.
  • Get the third pipe cleaner and place it over the two bent pipe cleaners; bend that pipe cleaner on the opposite side, where it has not yet been bent.
  • The pipe cleaners should now resemble a spider. You can attach more piper cleaners if you would like to make it look more like an actual spider or a little more bulky, but three are enough to make it look like a spider. It is totally up to you.

Make as many Christmas spiders as you would like. When you are done, gather them up and go to the Christmas tree. Tell the kids to gently throw the Christmas spiders all over the tree. The Christmas spiders should be able to hook onto the tree when they land. If you made some white pipe cleaner Christmas spiders, then in a way, those kind of look like snowflakes too. This way, you will have Christmas spiders playing in white Christmas snow! The more Christmas spiders that you make, the cooler your Christmas tree will look.

Have fun making these great Christmas spiders with your family. I am sure they will love it!


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