How To Make a Circle Picture Collage

Collages can be made in all different shapes and sizes.  The fun of making one is actually seeing how creative one can be. Anyone can make a collage: parents, children, teenagers, college students.  They can even be made for educational purposes in the classroom.

  • A Circle of Friends - Teenagers have a lot of pictures.  A creative use for all these pictures is to create a bunch of circular, fun-filled collages. Each circular collage can focus on a particular friend, a party, school event, a football game.  There are so many creative ideas here. The collages can then be hung all over the child’s bedroom.
  • The Materials - The materials needed are a few pieces of cardboard cut into the shape of a circle. You want the cardboard to be strong and sturdy.  Also needed is scrapbook paper and lots of pictures.  And remember, some of these pictures you will have to cut and trim. Some good stick glue is needed to glue the pictures onto the cardboard. Other items to consider are things like movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, or any memorabilia.  If you want to put words and numbers on the collage then you will need stickers or you could cut words out of a magazine. And finally, you need a way to hang the collages and the easiest thing to do is buy some of the picture hangers that you see on the back of picture frames.  Just glue these to the back using some heavy duty glue.
  • The Design - The fun part comes in deciding how you want the collage to look.  Are you doing individual collages with Sally on one, Janey on another, and Susie on another?  Are you going to make one of the 13th birthday party you just had?  How about one just for all of your Homecoming pictures?  The ideas are obviously endless.

    Once you choose the scrapbook paper that you would like to use, glue it to the cardboard.  Create your layout first by placing your pictures on the cardboard and deciding where exactly each picture should go.  Once you know the design you can start gluing the pictures in place. When the glue dries, you can trim the collage.  Trim every picture that is hanging out over the edge of the cardboard.  You want the final product to look like a circle.

  • The Finishing Touch - Finally, add your memorabilia and any lettering to the collage.  This will make it personal to the collage you are making. Now hang the collages all over your room. You’re sure to receive a lot of compliments!


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