How To Make a Cloth Covered Photo Album

Photo albums are special things. They hold your most treasured memories documented in a picture and keep them safe and in pristine condition. In this digital age, where less and less people keep albums and instead, use digital files, a photo album is a breath of fresh air. Make your photo album even more special by personalizing it. You can make a cloth covered photo album specifically to indicate the contents of each album, or to signify a memory, or to give as a gift to loved ones.

  • You’ll need materials for your cloth covered photo album. You can use old photo albums if you’re making the project for yourself. You can even take photo albums that you still use and prettify it. If the album is the binder type, take out the photo pages first so as to keep them clean and avoid dropping glue on them. You’ll need one large sheet of white poster board, a can of spray adhesive, a glue gun or crafts glue, fabric that’s big enough for the covers of the whole album as well as the inside panels of the front and back covers and, if you’d like, appliqués such as beads, ribbons, felt shapes, etc.
  • Wrapping your photo album. Take your cloth and lay it on the table. Put the album one corner of the cloth then adjust to leave one inch of material on all sides. Mark the cutting area with a pencil. Remove the album, cut the cloth according to your guide, and then spray the whole cover of your album with adhesive spray. Re-center your album carefully on the cloth and smoothen it out. Spray your adhesive on the one inch of fabric surrounding the album. Fold the margin carefully against the inside cover of the album.
  • Make the inside covers. To make the inside covers, take your poster board and cut them so that they fit perfectly on the inside of both covers. Test the size but laying them on the cover and then by closing the album to see if it will still close properly. Wrap your extra cloth around each of the two fitted poster boards. Then glue this onto the insides of the front and back covers.
  • Decorate the album. You can personalize your album with alphabet felt letters. You can put something like “The Joneses, 1997-1998”. Or simply put cut-out flowers, stars, suns, or what ever decoration you please. You can put lace as borders or a family picture. If you’re going to put a family picture on the front cover of the album, make sure to put a sheet of PVC plastic to protect the picture. Then prettify it by putting a nice border around the photo. You can also identify each album if each one is specific to an event. If the album is one filled with adventures from Disneyland, download the theme part logo from the net, print with colored ink, then glue this to your album cover.
  • Put the picture pages back in. Snap in all of the picture pages and you’re ready to go!

You can also make cloth photo albums for friends and family members as gifts. You can give it to them for them to fill up, or make a photo compilation if you are very close to the recipient and have access to their photos.


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