How To Make a Collage Frame

Collage is a popular technique of combining materials from many sources to make a new image. A collage is a fun and easy way to personalize a variety of everyday household items. Making a collage frame is a simple, creative introduction to the art of collage. All you need is a frame, some old magazines, scissors, glue and a little patience and creativity. Here's how to get started.

  1. First gather your materials. Choose a photo frame with a large surface area to maximize your collage space. Make sure its surface is clean so the glue can stick easily. Cover your work area with newspaper to keep it tidy while you work. You'll need something to cut with and glue; white or craft glue is fine for paper, but you may want a hot glue gun for big or heavy items.
  2. Next, pick a theme for your frame. This may seem a little tricky; but it will help you plan the images, text and colors for your collage. What kind of photo is going to be in this frame? For example, themes can be things like sports, holidays, birthdays, friends and family. Skim through your old magazines and pull or cut out the pictures and text that you like and can fit to your theme. Use a utility or craft knife for delicate cuts. Cut out as many bits as you think you might need; there's no limit.
  3. A collage doesn't have to be a collection of just 2D images; you can also incorporate things like pressed flowers or other specialty items. Try looking in the scrap booking section of your local craft store for some fun 3D pieces and lettering to add to your collage.
  4. Now the fun part; design your collage! Take the pictures and text and arrange them on your frame until you find a look that you like. It can be as crowded and complex or as simple and sparse as you like; it’s your design, so enjoy it. You can get really creative with this; for example, you can make a mosaic effect out of small colored squares, mix and match different fonts and text sizes for a fun, crazy look and overlap and layer images to make exciting new ones.

Once you've arranged your collage to your liking, its time to glue. Take your time and glue each piece individually starting with the bottommost layers. Let your collage dry thoroughly. For a glossy look, use a spray gloss fixative finish.


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