How To Make a Collage of Pictures Online

Trying to impress that special someone, or the family? Wanting all your pictures saved as wallpaper in your PC but having a hard time which picture to keep? How about posting your own online picture collage? It’s now the digital age where one can masterfully see and enhance pictures like art work. Let’s see how easy it is to then to manage and have a collection of photos to display in a special theme or from a memorable event. We should consider one’s personal time, availability of photos and the software application.

  • What you need. PC/laptop, registration to Photobucket (comes with free online registration), photos downloaded to your PC, and a bit of imagination.
  • Preparations. You must first register with Photobucket. Go to and provide your email address, password and own user ID. You can now instantly upload pictures from your PC to your account.
  • Defining Photobucket usage. Photobucket is a site that allows users to download, edit and share photos/albums with people they choose to be friends with. This site is one of the recommended sites. It is easiest to navigate and not to mention, user-friendly. With this software, one already can access albums through your mobile.
  • Uploading, a synch. When you are uploading, make sure that pictures are coming from the desktop for ease. From your account, click on “Choose and Image” under “Upload Images and Videos.” Select the “Browse” button to locate your photos from your PC. Managing your photos is now easy. For starters, click on the tab “Create a New Album.” Rename this to the event or of your liking. Click New Album on Photobucket once you have uploaded pictures through this. You may now start doing the editing portion.
  • Sharing online. Now that was quite simple enough to follow. You can now share this with the URL in place automatically at the left hand side. You have the option to send the URL through Email&IM, Direct Link, HTML Code or IMG Code. You may also share this via Facebook to your account.
  • Choices. Under the tab Albums, you can now click on click on the “Edit Images” link. A dialogue box appears, under which you click on to “Create a Collage.” Now the hard part is over. The program is now launched instantly. From the screen, you may now select the layout that you want. Click on “Load Photo.” This will enable you to have the choice of photo uploaded. For the color background, spacing and borders, it can all be adjusted on the screen at user interface. Just click on “Customize” after you have put in all the photos in the spaces provided. Here you can rotate, flip a picture, fix red eye flash, resize and crop. The brightness and contrast to pictures can also be adjusted.
  • Putting it altogether. Now that you are done, click on “Save SlideShow” to save.

You can opt to have this sent or printed out as special memorabilia to that graduation or event that you’ve been looking forward to.

Beginners as such, can always use Photobucket to manage photos. In a nutshell, there are many creative and imaginative ways to present our photos over the net without leaving to print out double copies. Sharing memories through an online album is fast, not to mention efficient. In any case you can surely have fun with this project as it does not entail much work. It only goes to show that in the digital age, photos still say a thousand words.


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