How To Make a Collage Picture Frame

Finding time to make a unique and special gift? Stocking up on photos but feel the need to let some of these hang in the wall with a certain theme in mind? For the photo junkie in you, here is an excellent suggestion to spruce up and get a different frame of mind for precious photos or moments you wish to save as mementos. Gifts to special friends whom you’ve shared a memorable experience with or traveled to distant places can be quite redundant. How about photos captured in a special picture frame that heightens the sense of whimsy and remembrance of time and place? Try this for size. Families can also enjoy picture frame collages that reflect the growing members from childhood years to the present.

  • Materials needed. Hot glue gun, special mementos from that trip or place, post cards, buttons, beads, cloth/lace/ribbons, old picture frames, picture/s, sand paper, wood glue, pen and paper, choice and color of paint, paint brush.
  • Theme. On a piece of paper, draw out the arrangement of the picture frames. For better visualization, you can place old picture frames on a flat surface and rearrange to the design you have in mind. You can do a two dimensional take for a rustic feel by gluing edge to edge in a zigzag pattern. Another is to create a length to the hallway and viewing photos in chronological order. Each placement of a frame echoes the importance or highlight of the event, place or person in it.
  • Collect, and select. Gather up your old picture frames. Make sure that they are at least of almost the same width and height. Place together side by side in proportion to each other. An alternate of big and small frames can also be done. The progression and art for the eye to take in must let you see at a glance the pictures with constancy.
  • Woodwork. Sand each wooden picture frame until almost none of the original paint is left or the texture is smooth. With the use of wood glue, piece together the design as drawn out. Make the necessary adjustments so each frame is aligned and in good proportion to the rest. Leave the frames to dry. Once dry, prepare your choice of colors and paint each frame accordingly. You can get two or three colors, and consult a color wheel. If the pictures are in black and white, a frame color that is bright can be used to provide a contemporary look. For a rustic feel, you may apply one thin coat of paint and let dry. Sanding the frames’ edges in a few places complete the look. For a more solid color and border, apply two coats of paint for a more finished appearance.
  • Special touches. For a more girly or sentimental theme, you can gather post cards, pieces of special mementos like a bus ticket or ribbon. These can be placed inside the photos or attached by hot glue to selected frames.

Any person can do this special project without a hitch. With a little elbow grease, and some imagination, these frames make special photos stand out. Not only that, this unique decoration enhances a room and can even elongate a short hallway. The choice of photos is limitless, and giving this will always give a surprised smile to the receiver. So don’t worry if you do not have a picture frame just yet or a new photo album. Better to display with recycled materials. It’s one sure way to have a share on saving the planet.


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