How To Make a Colored Chalkboard

Chalkboards have a lot of great uses. Your child can use them to practice writing, to draw, and to have fun with. You can use them to help you remember important things or to write messages to other family members. They are expensive to buy in the store, but you can make them inexpensively and relatively easily. You can buy brush on and spray on chalkboard paint in green or black. This can be used to make a great writing surface, however it keeps your colors limited. If you want a colored chalkboard follow these steps to create a beautiful writing surface to meet all of your needs.

Step 1

Find a base. You will need a hard surface for your chalkboard to be on. This can be a wall if you don't mind having a chalk board in a single space or it could be a smooth particle board, piece of metal, piece of wood, or a piece of plastic. The only advantage to any of the materials over the others is that if you find a smooth piece of metal it can also hold magnets.   

Step 2

Clean your base. It is important that your surface be clean before you begin. To do this wash it with a rag or sponge. Let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Step 3

Prime your base. Before you paint you will want to prime the base so that the chalkboard paint will stick to the base well. A good primer will work best.

Step 4

Make your paint. Take one cup of paint of the color you desire and add two tablespoons of unsanded tile grout to it. Add your grout slowly and stir well to eliminate clumps.

Color ideas:

  • Mix varying amounts of white with black or another dark color to make a tiled chalkboard.
  • Make a chalkboard the same color as the rest of the wall.
  • Use white in small spaces. You can still write on it and it makes for a better small space color.  

Step 5

Paint the surface of your chalkboard. Whether you are painting the wall or a separate board you should carefully use a paint brush to paint your chalkboard paint onto the surface of the board.

Step 6

Once dry, sand your board. You should sand your board with 150 grit sand paper. This will make a smooth surface that is good for writing.

Step 7

Clean the surface. Using a damp sponge clean the surface of your chalkboard.

Step 8

Prime your board. You should now take a piece of chalk and using the wide side of it cover your board. Then clean the chalk off with a barely damp sponge for a well primed board that will make the best writing surface.

Step 9

Optional-Frame your board. You can use a frame to slip your board in or make your own frame from the wood of your choice. You can then paint it or leave it plain. Hang your board and enjoy.


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