How To Make a Crayon-Covered Rock Paperweight

When your child's crayons have become a pile of broken pieces or dull nubs you have two options - toss them out or use them in a craft project. If you lean toward the craft idea, follow these steps to make a crayon-covered rock paperweight. This activity can be fun and creative but requires parental supervision.


  • Old crayons
  • Lighter to melt crayons
  • Rock
  • Clear spray coat or glaze (optional)
  1. Choose a rock. Find a rock from your garden, home repair store or craft store. Look for a rock that is light in color, at least two inches in diameter, slightly rough on the surface and has a flat bottom to hold down papers.
  2. Prepare the materials. Before getting started the rock should be cleaned of any dust or soil. Then gather the crayons you will be using. Remove any paper wrappers, dust and child created yuck from the surface.
  3. Try drawing on the rock. Some rocks have a rough surface that the crayon color will stick to just by drawing and pushing hard. Try this step first. If you like the look, then decorate your rock paperweight as is. If you prefer more color and personality move to the next steps.
  4. Heat the crayons (parental supervision is advised). There are a couple options for this step. One option is to melt the entire pile together like you would a candle then dip the rock into the swirl of color. If you want more control of the design choose the second option. Melt one color at a time to create your design. For this option use the lighter and hold the flame to the tip of the crayon. When the crayon is soft you can use it to draw on the rock. Or heat it a little longer and let the crayon drip onto the rock like wax.
  5. Let the rock cool. Once you have the mix of colors and design to your liking, set the rock aside. The crayons should cool a little so they don't smear when you touch the rock.
  6. Spray on sealer (optional). To keep the rock paperweight looking bright for years to come, use a clear spray paint of sealer. This step is optional because the sealer tends to be shiny and create a glossy sheen to the rock surface that you may not want.

Rock paperweights can be a simple way to recycle the remnants of old crayons. Have fun and get creative to make unique crayon-covered rock paperweights.


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