How To Make a Crepe Paper Rose

Handmade items are a great decorating touch for packages or events, from birthdays to weddings and everything in between.  It shows creativity and dedication to the art of creating something from nothing, a heartwarming touch that shows you care.  You don't need a lot of money or supplies to create something elegant and charming, such as a crepe paper rose.

To get started on this lovely craft, you'll need to gather supplies together - crepe paper sheets or streamers, scissors, floral wire and tape, a round craft stick, a pencil, some light cardboard (cereal-box style), and green tissue paper.  The crepe paper can be in any color you'd like, since it's going to be the basis of your flower, and most if not all of the supplies can be found at a craft or hobby store.

  1. First, you'll need to make stencils for the flower on the cardboard - one circle, measuring 1 1/4"; a small heart of about 1 1/2" across; and a larger heart about the width of the crepe streamer. 
  2. Once cut, label them so you'll know what you're working with, maybe Petal (circle shape), Heart and Heart. 
  3. Start with the darkest of the crepe paper sheets or streamers you'll be working with, lay the circle on the paper, and trace it with the pencil. 
  4. Lay that paper aside, and with the lighter paper, trace six Hearts (small hearts) and eight Hearts (large hearts). 
  5. Use the scissors to cut the shapes out of the paper, and lay them all aside.
  6. With one Petal, place the bottom of it against the floral wire and tape it in place. 
  7. Take another Petal and place it on the first Petal, securing with tape, as well. 
  8. Now take a small Heart and pinch the bottom of it, wrapping it onto the wire and taping into place. 
  9. Keep adding all but two small Heart shapes to the wire, then take a large Heart and push on the middle of it until it indents.  This will be used to wrap the stem of the rose, after the bottom is pinched and taped. 
  10. Keep putting large Heart petals on the wire until you have as many as you want, or the eight have been completely used, making sure they are taped completely down to the wire.

When you're finished, you have a beautiful, unique rose that can be used as the finishing touch on many packages or decorations.  Simple, quick, and easy!


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